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International Coffeehouses: Smith International Center: Guatemala Coffeehouse

This guide will provide links to resources related to the countries featured in the International Coffeehouses.

About the Smith International Center

Smith International Center

The Smith Center exists to advance the international engagement of the UT Institute of Agriculture by empowering faculty, staff and students to think and act globally in pursuit of sustainable solutions to our world's agricultural, food, and natural resource challenges. The Smith Center also works to bring lecturers and researchers from across the globe here to the UT Campus for students and faculty to engage with. Through the Smith Center, students can find endless study abroad opportunities to over 20 different countries and create relationships with global partners all around the world. Along with study abroad, students now have the chance to enroll in the International Agriculture and Natural Resources minor, of which 20% of students are non-agriculture majors. The Smith Center is open to any student who wants to understand the world and be a part of the global challenge to improve it.

The Smith Center's Work in Guatemala

Smith Center in Guatemala

Image with girl and children
Smith Center in Guatemala
Smith Center in Guatemala
Smith Center in Guatemala
Smith Center in Guatemala
Smith Center in Guatemala

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Country flag

The Republic of Guatemala lies in the Central American isthmus. The climate is tropical, hot and humid, especially on the Caribbean coast and in the El Petén lowlands, but it is cooler in the highlands.uatemala is mostly mountainous (66%), with narrow coastal plains and a rolling limestone plateau in the north. It is heavily forested (62%), woodland types varying from warm and humid, through cool and humid to warm and dry, which, together with the altitude and two coasts, contributes to the variety of flora and fauna. There are volcanoes in the mountains, indicating that the country is an area prone to seismic activity. A volcano is actually the highest point not only in Guatemala, but in all of Central America—Tajumulco, at 4,211 m or 13,821 ft—and is found at the western end of the main mountain chain, in the south-west of the country.The Caribbean coast is also prone to hurricanes and other tropical storms. Guatemala is the largest and most populated country in Central America. Guatemala also has the largest indigenous population in Central America. The capital is Guatemala City. The official language is Spanish.


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Photo of the Guatemalan textiles

Guatemala is home to many descendants of the Maya, an American Indian people who developed a great civilization in Central America and southern Mexico. The nation's manufacturing industry includes such Indian handicrafts as pottery and textiles. The cloth shown here is for sale at a market in Antigua, Guatemala.


Photo of the front of Our Lady of Mercy Catholic Church

Our Lady of Mercy Catholic Church, Antigua, Guatemala


Photo of Lake Atitlan

Lake Atitlán, Guatemala.Behind, Volcán Tajumulco—the highest mountain in Central America—rises 13,845 feet (4,220 meters) above sea level.


Photo of a man harvesting coffee beans in the sun

Coffee beans dry in the sun. Bananas, coffee and sugar cane are Guatemala's leading agricultural products


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Rellenitos de Platano


INGREDIENTS: 12 plantains 1/2 lb. of refried beans (without salt) 1 chocolate tablet cinnamon stick cinnamon powder vegetable oil vanilla sugar (to taste)

PREPARATION: Boil the plantains with the cinnamon stick and sugar. After they are cooked and strained, mash them to make a paste and add the cinnamon powder.

Separately, reheat the beans and stir in sugar, vanilla, and the shredded chocolate.

After, make medium size balls with the plantain paste and fill them up with the beans mixture.

Fry the filled plantain balls in hot oil until they are golden all around. Serve them with powdered sugar on top.

RELLENITOS DE PLÁTANO (PLANTAIN RELLENITOS). (2017, February 12). Berkshire Eagle, The (Pittsfield, MA), p. B03. Available from NewsBank: Access World News, Research Collection:

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