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International Coffeehouses: Asian American Association

This guide will provide links to resources related to the countries featured in the International Coffeehouses.

Asian American Association at UTK

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Mission Statement

The mission of the Asian American Association (AAA) at the University of Tennessee is to create a community in which students can celebrate their culture, discuss social-political issues regarding Asian Americans, underline the importance of diversity, inclusion and solidarity, and have an effective representation on campus.

AAA Membership Criteria

Membership to AAA is open to ALL students and faculty/staff members, where appropriate, regardless of race, gender, disability, religion, or national origin.


Flag & Map of Myanmar (Burma)

Myanmar flag with horizontal stripes of yellow, green, and red (top to bottom) and a white star in the center

Map of Myanmar (Burma)

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Aung San Suu Kyi

headshot of aung san suu kyi'

Read about Aung San Suu Kyi

Britannica Academic Encyclopedia Entry

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Streaming Video

Voices from Secret Burma

Description: Interview with Aung San Suu Kyi - a historical political manifestation. Politics, democracy and human rights became her call in life, when she returned to Burma. Driven by her father's history as a known reform politician, she created a political party and won by a landslide election in 1992. She was shortly thereafter imprisoned and put in house arrest for what turned out to be 15 years. The feature offers an exclusive interview with Aung San Suu Kyi, which not only covers her personal and political fight for democracy, but also her personal costs. The feature also includes a unique reportage on young Burmesians fight against the regime, thirdly a reportage covering the consequences of the Western economical sanctions with ASSK featuring two leading politicians from the opposition, and fourthly a feature on the election and oppositional criticism on ASSKs party neglecting to run for parliament.

Myanmar (Burma) Country Profile

Official Name

Pyihtaungsu Thamada Myanmar Naingngandaw (Republic of the Union of Myanmar)

Form of Government

Military Regime

Head of State and Government

President: Myint Swe


Nay Pyi Taw

Official Language

Myanmar or Burmese


(2020 est.) 54,775,000

Source: Britannica Academic, s.v. "Myanmar," accessed March 23, 2021,

Sule pagoda, in the center of Yangon Myanmar

Sule pagoda, in the center of Yangon, Myanmar

Source: Sule pagoda , image, from Encyclopædia Britannica, accessed March 23, 2021,

Documentary: Burma VJ, Reporting from a Closed Country

Burma VJ: Reporting from a closed country cover art

E-Book from the UT Libraries Collection on Myanmar

Buddhist Temples in Pagan, Myanmar

Buddhist temples in Pagan, Myanmar

Source: Pagan, Myanmar , image, from Encyclopædia Britannica, accessed March 23, 2021,

Audio/Video Streaming Materials & Databases: Myanmar (Burma)

Online Databases

Myanmar (Burma) Music Books Available for Checkout

Asian American E-Book Resources

Gish Jen, author

Gish Jen Headshot


Books Available for Checkout

E-Book: Voices of Angel Island, Inscriptions and Immigrant Poetry, 1910-1945

Chen Yi, composer and arranger

Chen Yi headshot


Materials Available for Checkout in Our Collection

E-Book: Speak it Louder, Asian Americans Making Music

David Ho, physician

David Ho Headshot


Streaming Video

A Personal Journey with Dr. David Ho, AIDS Researcher

Click the link above to watch this video through Films On Demand and Online Database available through the Library

Reading List for Fighting Anti-Asian Racism

Yuji Ichioka, Japanese American Historian and Civil Rights Activist

Yuji Ichioka headshot


Read this book available in our collection

Outside Resources