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International Coffeehouses: Ethiopia

This guide will provide links to resources related to the countries featured in the International Coffeehouses.

Flag of Ethiopia

Country flag with three horizontal stripe green, yellow, and red with a blue circle in the center and a gold star in the center of the circle

The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia is a landlocked country in eastern Africa; it has a long frontier with Somalia near the Horn of Africa. South Sudan and Sudan lie to the west, Eritrea to the north, Djibouti to the north-east and Kenya to the south. The climate in the predominant high plateau terrain is mainly temperate, with an annual average temperature of 13°C (55°F), abundant rainfall in some years and low humidity. The lower country and valley gorges, however, are very hot and subject to recurrent drought. The official language is Amharic, but many other local languages are also spoken. English is widely used in official and commercial circles. The Ethiopian Orthodox (Tewahido) Church, an ancient Christian sect, has a wide following in the north and on the southern plateau. In much of the south and east the inhabitants include Muslims and followers of animist beliefs. The national flag (proportions 1 by 2) has three equal horizontal stripes, of green, yellow and red, superimposed in the centre of which is a blue disk bearing a yellow pentagram, resembling a star, with single yellow rays extending outwards from the inner angles of the star. The capital is Addis Ababa.


Ethiopian Architecture

Photo of painted glass at the Balliol College Chapel

Balliol College, Chapel, Antechapel: Saint Philip preaching to the Eunuch from Ethiopia, main lights, detail

Abraham van Linge. (1637, Image: c. 1992). Balliol College, Chapel, Antechapel: Saint Philip preaching to the Eunuch from Ethiopia, main lights, detail. [stained glass]. Retrieved from

Photo of the Church of St. Mary in Lalibala

Lalibala: Church of St. Mary

Lalibala: Church of St. Mary Diagonal Int. view Rock-cut Church Nave. Retrieved from

Photo of Mentewab-Qwesqwam Banqueting Hall

Mentewab-Qwesqwam Banqueting Hall

(17th c. - 18th c., Image: 1997). Mentewab-Qwesqwam Banqueting Hall, Exterior. Retrieved from

Photo of the Rock Hewn Coptic churches

Rock-Hewn Coptic Churches

(1167-1207, Image: ca. 1970). Rock-Hewn Coptic Churches, Exterior. Retrieved from

Ethiopian Art

photo of a trifold panel with Mary and her Son at the center

Triptych Center Panel with Mary and Her Son and Christ Teaching the Apostles

Artist: Anonymous (Ethiopian). (late 17th century-early 18th century). Triptych Center Panel with Mary and Her Son and Christ Teaching the Apostles, Triptych Side Panels with Crucifixion and Resurrection and Saints George and Mercurius. [triptychs; panel paintings]. Retrieved from

Photo of the painting Scrolls of the Ancestor

Scrolls of the Ancestor #IV

Wosene Worke Kosrof. (1994). Scrolls of the Ancestor #IV. [Paintings]. Retrieved from

Photo of a decorative art processional cross

Processional Cross

Ethiopia, Lalibela. (14th?15th century, before 1400 (?)). Processional Cross. [Decorative Arts and Utilitarian Objects]. Retrieved from

Photo of a double seated stone artifact

Double Seated Stone Figure

Ethiopian. Double Seated Stone Figure. [Artifact]. Retrieved from

Photo of the Gospel book from the late 14th-15th century

Illuminated Gospel

(late 14th-early 15th century). Illuminated Gospel. [Book, Hide-Documents]. Retrieved from

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Map of Ethiopia

Music of Ethiopia

    Éthiopiques, Vol. 23: Orchestra Ethiopia  Album Art

    Éthiopiques, Vol. 10: Tezeta - Ethiopian Blues & Ballads  Album art

    Liturgies Juives D'Éthiopie Album Art

Documentary of Ethiopian Music