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International Coffeehouses: Russia

This guide will provide links to resources related to the countries featured in the International Coffeehouses.

Flag of Russia



The Russian Federation is situated in North Eurasia. In 1922 the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic became the principal member of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR), which disintegrated in 1991. In May 2008 Dmitrii Medvedev became federal President, succeeding Vladimir Putin, on the expiry of his second term in office. Medvedev's nomination of Putin as Chairman of the Government was subsequently approved by an overwhelming parliamentary majority. In March 2012 Putin was again elected as President; he assumed office in May; he was re-elected in March 2018. Moscow is the capital. The official language is Russian.


Russia: Facts in Brief

About Russia

  • Russia is the world's largest country in area. It covers a large part of both Europe and Asia. It has coastlines on the Arctic Ocean, Baltic Sea, Black Sea, Caspian Sea, and Pacific Ocean.

  • Russia borders eight European countries, three Asian countries, and three countries with lands in both Europe and Asia.

  • Snow covers more than half of the country during six months of the year.

  • The capital is Moscow.

  • According to the 2010 Census, St. Petersburg is the second largest city.

Art & Architecture

Improvisation No. 30 (Cannons), 1913

Improvisation No. 30 (Cannons), 1913
The Art Institute of Chicago
Arthur Jerome Eddy Memorial Collection


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Tourists walk in front of St Basil's Orthodox Cathedral in Red Square

Tourists walk in front of St Basil's Orthodox Cathedral in Red Square. 2009


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Anna Akhmatova

Anna Akhmatova

Anna Akhmatova was the pen name of Anna Andreyevna Gorenko, one of the most important woman poets in Russian literature. Akhmatova was noted for her skill with language and her emotional and artistic honesty. Akhmatova’s best work demonstrates her ability to describe the feelings experienced by all human beings, especially love.

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Map of Russia

Russia map

Garland Encyclopedia of World Music - Russia

Garland Encyclopedia Cover Art

Pyotr Illyich Tchaikovsky

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Russia: Schnittke, Tanejew, Gubaidulina, Glinka, Rachmaninov, Tschaikovwsky  Album Art

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