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International Coffeehouses: Haiti

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Panoramic photo of Port-Au-Prince, Haiti

ruimc77. Port-Au-Prince-Haiti. June 23, 2015. Retrieved April 9, 2018 from Licensed by Attribution-NonCommercial-Sharealike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0).

Map of Haiti

Country Map

Citation: Country Map (Haiti), in Europa World online. London, Routledge. University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Retrieved 13 April 2018 from

Haitian Music

Traditional Folk Music

Afro Caribbean Rhythms from Haiti Cover Art

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Facts in Brief

Country Flag with two horizontal stripes blue and red (top to bottom)

The Republic of Haiti mainly comprises the western part of the Caribbean island of Hispaniola. François Duvalier established a dictatorship in 1957 and was succeeded by his son, who was ousted in 1986. In 1990 Fr Jean-Bertrand Aristide was elected President. Aristide was overthrown in 1991, but reinstated in 1994. Aristide was succeeded in 1995 by René Préval. Aristide was returned to the presidency in 2000, but resigned in early 2004. Préval was re-elected President in 2006. Michel Martelly succeeded him in 2011. In January 2010 the country suffered a devastating earthquake that destroyed most of the capital, Port-au-Prince, and killed an estimated 220,000 people. Elections, originally scheduled for 2012, were finally held in 2015, although results of the presidential ballot were declared invalid in 2016; further elections were held later in the year. French and Creole are the official languages.


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History Spotlight

The Haitian Revolution

The slave rebellion and anticolonial revolt that came to be known as the Haitian Revolution are remembered with pride among the Haitian people, who revere its heroes as the founders of their nation. Unlike the maroon uprisings that occurred elsewhere in the Caribbean, the revolution that took place on the western third of the island of Hispaniola accomplished feats of epic proportions: It marked the success of the first large-scale slave rebellion, the total abolition of slavery in the colony of Saint-Domingue, and the founding of the world’s first black republic and the second independent nation in the Americas.

Such revolutionaries as Toussaint L’Ouverture, Henri Christophe, Jean-Jacques Dessalines, Alexandre Sabès Pétion, and other intrepid individuals led the anticolonial struggle. The dream of freedom that led to independence in 1804 endures in the national myth of Haiti some 200 years hence.

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Matibag, E. (2007). Haitian Revolution. In J. Rodriguez, Encyclopedia of emancipation and abolition in the transatlantic world. London, UK: Routledge. Retrieved from

Snapshots of Haiti from AP Images

Photo of children playing in Port-au-Prince


Dieu Nalio, Chery, et al. "Haiti Daily Life." 12 June 2017. EBSCOhost,

Image of children in the streets of Port-au-Prince


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Photo of President Jovenel Moise

Haiti Anniversary, President Jovenel Moise

Dieu Nalio, Chery and PM tstargardter|File|Filed|4/7/2018 4:30:43. "Haiti Anniversary." 07 Apr. 2018. EBSCOhost,

Photo of Haitians on Holy Week

Holy Week

Dieu Nalio, Chery, et al. "Haiti Holy Week." 25 Mar. 2018. EBSCOhost,

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AP Images

Contemporary and historical images from the Associated Press.

Haitian Art

Photo of Haiti madi

Haiti madi 12 janvye 2010 (Haiti, Tuesday, January 12, 2010) (detail04 view). 2012. Fowler Museum at UCLA. Museum purchase with funds provided by the Fay Bettye Green Fund to Commission New Work, Jerome Joss Endowment Fund, Shirly and Ralph Shapiro Fund in memory of Ethel Berns, and Charles and Carolyn Knobler. X2013.35.1. Web. 13 Apr 2018.

Photo of a painting titled the Rebel Slave with Magic Powers

Anacreon, Wilson. Makandal, the Rebel Slave with Magic Powers, Jumps Out of the Bonfire. 1991. Fondation Afrique en créations. Web. 13 Apr 2018.

Photo of painting Landscape with Palms

Poisson, Louverture. Landscape with Palms. 1945. The Phillips Collection. Web. 13 Apr 2018.

Photo of painter titled Fisherfolk

Jones, Lois Mailou. Fisherfolk, Luly, Haiti. 1985. Web. 13 Apr 2018.

Photo of painting Rejoicing a Saut d'Eau in Haiti

Jones, Lois Mailou. Rejoicing à Saut d'Eau, Haiti. 1985. Web. 13 Apr 2018.

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