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Music Library Thematic Displays: Periodicals Display

This guide showcases resources from the George F. DeVine Music Library centered on specific themes. Selected themes reflect UT School of Music events and programs, as well as cultural celebrations.

What are Periodicals?

Periodicals are any type of publication published in a series, or periodically. Examples of Periodicals include Newspapers, Monthly Magazines, Monthly Journals, and Annual Newsletters.

Periodicals are the best sources for research when your topic requires recent information, information on specific topics, or information on local issues. Periodicals differ from books, which cover thoughtful and historical information, because periodicals cover events more quickly and concisely. 

Periodicals in Our Collection

Here are some of the Periodicals our collection has to offer: 

  • American Music Teacher    
  • American String Teacher
  • Chamber Music
  • Choral Journal
  • Current Musicology
  • The Diapason
  • Downbeat Magazine
  • Electronic Musician
  • Flutist Quarterly
  • Guitar Player
  • Hymn
  • Instrumentalist
  • International Musician
  • International Review of the Aesthetics and Sociology of Music
  • Jazz Times
  • Jazziz
  • Journal of Singing
  • Musical Opinion
  • Musical Times
  • National Association of College Wind and Percussion Instructors
  • Notes (Music Library Association) 
  • Opera News
  • Orchester
  • Perspectives on New Music
  • Piano Magazine
  • Recording
  • Symphony
  • Voice of Chorus America 
  • World Music

American Music Teacher cover art      Opera News cover art    

Perspectives of New Music Cover Art      Jazz times cover art

Physical Journals

Our collection has numerous journals, magazines, and other periodicals in its stacks. They are located towards the left end of our shelves near the Reference Section. 

Below is a photo of the section of the stacks. It is just a small portion, we can't fit it all in one photo! 


BrowZine is a periodical database that allows you to view journals and periodicals on nearly all academic areas of study. Within their Arts and Humanities subject, there are journals on Music Education, General Music, Musicology and Ethnomusicology, Music Performance, Music Theory, and Music Therapy.

You can explore BrowZine's catalogs on music or any other discipline through UTK's institutional access here.

BrowZine Logo      Browzine home screen

Music Periodicals Database

Music Periodicals Database

Music Periodicals Database is a service that UT Libraries subscribes to through ProQuest. This database provides indexing and abstracts for several hundred international music periodicals from over 20 countries, plus full text for more than 140 of the indexed journals.

This database currently includes over 1.3 million records with a majority from the most recent ten years of publication, and some indexing back to 1874. This database covers a wide range of topics within the study of music from Music Education and Techniques to Popular and Current Music Topics. 

To view UT Libraries' tutorial on how to use Music Periodicals Database, scan the QR code below, or visit Music Periodicals Database for yourself from the Music Library's homepage, where it can be found under Recommended Databases.

QR Code for Music Periodicals Database. Find it here at

The Diapason

The Diapason is an international journal devoted to the organ, harpsichord, carillon and church music. It has been in circulation for more than 100 years, providing consistent coverage on instrument specifications, recent news, international event calendars, and both scholarly and technical articles, as well as those of more general interest. 

You can read The Diapason in house at the library or learn more about the magazine online at their website.

The Diapason August 2021 Cover art

Periodicals in Our Collection (Online)

You can explore online periodicals through databases such as Music Index, RILM Abstracts of Music Literature, and Music Periodicals Database.

Music Index

Music Index (1970 - Present) contains news and articles on music, musicians, and the music industry. Below is an example of what can be found on Music Index, an article highlighting Joseph White, the first soloist on any instrument of African descent to perform with the Philharmonic Society of New York. This article can be found in Strad's June 2021 issue online here

Decorative image "Making History", article on Joseph White

Concert program for Joseph White with the Philharmonic Society of New York


Répertoire International de Littérature Musicale, known by its acronym RILM, is a non-profit organization which provides a comprehensive bibliography on writings about music featuring citations, abstracts, and indexes. It covers one million publications from around the world on traditional music, popular music, classical music, and related subjects. Coverage begins in the 19th century and extends to the present. RILM's database can be accessed from the Music Library's homepage, where it can be found under Recommended Databases.


Das Orchester

Das Orchester is a German-language magazine for musicians and musician management published by Schott Music. It is distributed in over 45 countries around the world. Their magazine deals with orchestra life, business, and training. 

You can read Das Orchester in house at the library or learn more about it on their website.

Das Orchester magazine cover art

Guitar Player Magazine

Guitar Player Magazine has been publishing interviews, extensive lessons, showcases of gear, and reviews of music related to the guitar since 1967. 

Some interviews from Guitar Player can be found through OneSearch, or physical magazines can be viewed in house at the library. 

Guitar Player Magazine cover art