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Music Library Thematic Displays: LGBTQIA+ History Month

This guide showcases resources from the George F. DeVine Music Library centered on specific themes. Selected themes reflect UT School of Music events and programs, as well as cultural celebrations.

LGBTQIA+ Banner Art

About LGBTQIA+ History Month

Legalization of Same-Sex Marriage Information Art
Stonewall riots history art

Jazz & Blues

Books from the Collection

Pop & Rock

Freddie Mercury information sheet art
David Bowie information sheet art

Books from the Collection: David Bowie


Links to Other Library Guides

LGBTQIA+ History Month

DeVine Music Library Display Case featuring LGBTQIA+ artists and library materials

Books from the Collection: Ma Rainey


Books from the Collection: Britten & Eastman

Music Databases

Books from the Collection: Freddie Mercury