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U.S. Legislation and Regulations: About Congress

A guide to public policy resources.

Sessions of Congress Table

Congressional Sessions - U.S. Senate
Lists all Congresses and corresponding years from 1789, 
when the 1st Congress met, through the current Congress.

Reference Resources

Congressional Calendars

Calendars of the U.S. House of Representatives and History of Legislation and the Senate Calendar of Business are updated each day the Congress is in session. 

  • Find Calendars at:

  FDsys - 1995-current - House (1899-present) and Senate (1789-present) 

Guides to the Legislative Process

Find legislative procedures for creating laws

Congressional Committee Calendars

Current committee calendars are available at the House of Representatives and Senate

FDsys offers House and Senate calendars of Congressional business in general, with keyword searching, from the 104th Congress (1995) to the present.

ProQuest Congressional 
This database includes committee legislative and executive calendars from about 1970s to 1990s. Most are final editions and not all years may be covered.

To find:
Go to 'Advanced Search'
Enter "legislative calendar' or 'legislative executive calendar' in the search box (all fields except full text)
In the search box below enter the name of committee or a keyword(s) (all fields except full text) e.g. financial services
Page down to 'search within'; clear all boxes and select 'committee prints'
Restrict search to 'all available dates' and run search
Missing issues may be available in the congressional committee prints microfiche collection (Y4) filed by Congress (Storage microfiche).

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