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U.S. Legislation and Regulations: Debates/Votes

A guide to public policy resources.


Member votes are recorded as: yeas, nays, not voting by name and state.  Overall vote tallies and party affiliations may also be provided. See "How to ... find out about congressional votes" U.S. Senate.

    Roll Call Votes for votes in the House and Senate.
  • Congressional Record
    Official source for Roll call votes which are recorded in the in the text of floor proceedings.
  • U.S House Roll Call pages - provides records back to 1990 (the 101st Congress) and arranges information in tables with pertinent dates, bill numbers, outcomes (passed, failed, or agreed to), and title/description. Each vote is also linked to its corresponding summary in Thomas.
  • U.S Senate Roll Call pages - roll call votes date back to 1989 (101st Congress). Includes a convenient subject index.

  • Congressional Quarterly Weekly Report
    Search or browse floor votes back to 1991.

Cong. Record Historical Online

Debates/Congressional Record

Congressional Record. Official Proceedings (edited transcripts) of the House and Senate.
Contains a record of legislation passed or pending in Congress. Use to find members' votes and comments on bills. Also includes the text of comments submitted in writing rather than spoken. Submitted text is marked by a black bullet. Contains: Roll call votes; edited transcripts of floor debates; full text of major bills; schedules and agendas of floor activity (Daily Digest); History of Bills index.

  • ProQuest Congressional 1985-present.
    Use the "Advanced" search form to select the Congressional Record Bound or Daily editions. If you want to search for a specific date or dates in the Record, use the "search by number" or the Advanced search form. You can enter a date without a search term to browse issues.
    To find the final vote using the bill history information select "Bill" from the main menu, then search by keyword, sponsor or number from the "Track proposed legislation by bill number form". In the answer set look at the history/actions section for roll call votes.

Cong. Record Historical

Congressional Record. Print, Microfiche, Microfilm
Print Storage 1873-1978 (v.1-124), 1981-1986 (v.127-132). Print Indexes Hodges Stacks J11.R5 (v.1-152)1873-2009
Microfilm Storage 1873-1970;
Microfiche Storage 1971-1980 (v.117-126),1986-2002 (v.132-,Indexes included with microfiche.

Earlier editions:
Congressional Globe 1833-1873 (23rd-42nd Congress) Print J11.G52 Hoskins Storage; Microfilm Storage; Index J11.G55 Hodges Stacks
Register of Debates in Congress 1824-1837  Print J11.D52 Storage; Microfilm Storage; Index J11.D55 Hodges Stacks
Annals of Congress 1789-1824 (1st-25th Congress) Print J11.A5 Special Collections; Microfilm Storage J11.A52; Index J11.A55 Hodges Stacks
Secret Journals of the Acts and Proceedings of Congress, 1775-1788  J10.A35 4 vols. Special Collections
"Acts and proceedings from the first meeting to the dissolution of the Confederation by the adoption of the Constitution." Includes 'domestic affairs', 'history fo the Confederation' and 'foreign affairs'. 
Papers of the Continental Congress 1774-1789 Microfilm Storage J11.D74 5 vols. including the Constitutional Convention of 1787.
Index Z1238.B89 Hodges Stacks