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U.S. Legislation and Regulations: Research Studies

A guide to public policy resources.

Congressional Research Studies

  • Congressional Research Service - provides "in-depth policy analyses and research on every subject of interest to Congress, including background analyses; pro and con arguments; scientific, economic and legal analyses; legal research; and legislative histories."
    Major Studies and Issue Briefs of the Congressional Research Service. 1916-2006. JK1108.M25. Storage Microfilm 1916-1991; Storage Microfiche 1992-2007.

             ProQuest Congressional/Congressional Research Reports 1916+ - full-text 
             Go to Advanced Search, Deselect all, select CRS Reports.

             Google CRS Reports Search - Searches CRS reports available on the Web.

    Government Accountability Office (online 1971-current) Most reports are included in the catalog and available on microfiche in Hoskins Storage, 

  • GAO Reports are requested by agencies to investigate solutions to problems of national interest. i.e. how well is this law working.
    Browse reports by topic. Texts of reports also available at Govinfo (1994-2008).
  • Congressional Budget Office
    CBO prepares cost estimates of pending bills at the request of Congressional Committees. Browse CBO reports by subject.
    Some studies available full text. Earlier reports available in print in the government documents storage collection.