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U.S. Legislation and Regulations: Regulations

A guide to public policy resources.

Agency Regs.

Regulations result from authorizations in Public Laws. Federal agencies take action by implementing rules to enforce the law.
Obtain regulations for existing government programs from these sources:

    • Federal Register (FR) .  J1.A2 Microfilm (1936-1983). Microfiche (1984-2006)
      Daily announcement of proposed rules, legal notices, and final regulations issued by federal departments and agencies. Also includes federal benefits and funding opportunities.
      Online at:
      , 1994- . pdf version of the print edition.
      ProQuest Congressional . Select "Regulations" to access the Federal Register, July 1980- 
      HeinOnline. Search the Federal Register Library, 1936-
    • Code of Federal Regulations (CFR). Hodges Library has online access only. Revised annually.
      Annual compilation of final agency regulations first published in the Federal Register. The CFR is arranged in 50 titles representing broad subject areas.

      eCFR - Most current edition of the CFR by not an official edition. An editorial edition of current CFR information.  
      Govinfo1996-Current. Official edition with pdf & text of print volumes.
      ProQuest Congressional Select "Regulations" from left tool bar. 1981-current. text only.
      HeinOnline - Search the Code of Federal Regulations Library, 1938-current.

      Regulations.Gov. Current. 
      Review regulations, submit comments or find comments submitted by others on proposed regulations.
    • List of CFR Sections Affected (LSA) Govinfo content 1986-present
      List of proposed, new, and amended regulationns published since the most recent revision of a CFR title.
    • Unified Agenda - Govinfo
      1994 to 2010 and 2011 to Present
      A review of regulatory agendas that describe recently completed or in-development regulations.