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U.S. Legislation and Regulations: Members of Congress

A guide to public policy resources.


Congressional Salaries and Allowances - Congressional Research Service (CRS).
Annual report summarizes current salary, limits on outside earned income and honoraria, life, health, and retirement benefits, and allowances for support in official duties.

Salaries of Members of Congress: Congressional Votes, 1990-2015. CRS. 2015.

Salaries of Members of Congress: Recent Actions and Historical Tables. CRS. 2016.

Congressional Salaries FAQ - LegiStorm




Legislative News

Search and access the full text of the publications below in ProQuest Congressional.

  • The Hill (website)
    A newspaper for and about the U.S. Congress.
  • Roll Call (website)
    A semi-weekly newspaper covering congressional news and policy briefings.
  • Washington Post Politics (website)
    Congressional politics coverage from the Washington Post.

    Provides nonpartisan information about public policy issues.

House and Senate Journals

The Journals are the official record of the proceedings of the House and Senate, giving an account of bills, resoultions, and amendments introduced each day.
Both House and Senate Journals 1817-1953 are included in the Serial Set in the ProQuest Congressional database. Use 'Advanced Search'
1981-current: Hoskins Storage microfiche J21
1953-1980 (83rd - 96th Congress): Hodges Stacks J21
1789-1817 (1st - 14th Cong.): Hodges Stacks KF45.G58
1980 - current: Hoskins Storage microfiche J24 
1953-1979 (83rd-96th Cong.): Hodges Stacks J24
1789-1817 (1st - 13th Cong.): Hodges Stacks KF46.G58

Journal of the Executive Proceedings of the Senate 
798-1909, V.1-39 Hodges Stacks and Storage microfiche JK1251.A3

Journals of the Continental Congress
1774-1789 34vols Hodges Stacks J10.A5

Miscellaneous Papers of the Continental Congress
Hoskins Storage microfil

Journals of the Congress of the Confederated States of America
1861-1865, 7 vols. Hodges Stacks JK9803.A4m J10.D742