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U.S. Census and Related Sources : Transportation

United States statistics

About the Census of Transportation

Transportation was originally included in the Decennial Census. The first Census of Transportation was taken in 1963.
Surveys included:
National Travel Survey
Truck (Vehicle) Inventory and Use Survey 1963-2002
Commodity Transportation Survey (changed to: Commodity Flow Survey)
Motor Carrier Survey

The Census of Transportation was renamed Census of Transportation, Communications, and Utilities in 1992.

Other Sources

Transportation - Census Bureau
Commuting (Journey to Work)
The Census Bureau conducts several surveys with questions related to commuting including: means of transportation, travel to work, distance traeled and associated expenses.

County-to-County Migration Flow Tables
Data from the American Community Survey 2005-2010. The Census Flows Mapper tool helps with using the statistics.

Current Business Reports: Motor Freight Transportation and Warehousing Survey. 1985-
Census Coll. 3rd.Fl. HE5623.A145

Current Business Reports:Transportation Annual Survey - 1985-1998
Storage Sudoc C 3.138:3-5:1985-1995

Census of Transportation Planning Packages -TD 1.56/2:BTS Storage
Special tabulations from the 1990 Census.

Census of Transportation

1963    HE18.1963.A5              Stacks 4th Fl.
             HA195.U52#3994         Storage Microfiche
1967    HE18.1967.A5              Stacks 4th Fl.
1972    HE18.1972.A5              3rd. Fl. census coll.
1977    HE18.1977.B87            3rd. Fl. census coll.
1982    HE18.1982.B87            3rd. Fl. census coll.
1987    HE5623.C46 1987       3rd. Fl. census coll.
             Cd-Rom                          Map Services
1992    HE5623.C47 1992       3rd. Fl. census coll.
             Cd-Rom                          Storage
1992     Census Online

Economic Census Data -  1977-
Economic Census - 2002, 2007

Transportation - Decennial Census

1880  HA201.1880 v.4                     Census Collection 3rd.floor
           HA195.M5                                Storage Microfilm
1890 HA201.1890 .B2 v.14 pts.1& Pt.2 (Water Transportation) Census Collection 3rd.floor
         HA201.1890 .C2 v.3               Census Collection 3rd.floor
         HA201.1890 .D3                     Census Collection 3rd.floor
         HA201.1890 .E3                     Census Collection 3rd.floor
         HA195.M5                                Storage Microfilm

Special Censuses on Water Transportation

1906  HA195.U5#1885                    Storage Microfiche
           HA623.A5 1909                      Stacks, 4th Floor
1916  HA195.U5#1886                    Storage Microfiche
1926  HA195.U5#1887,1888          Storage Microfiche

Transportation data for the 1920s and 1930s are included in the Survey of Current Business 


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