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U.S. Census and Related Sources : Census (Name) Schedules

United States statistics

Census Schedules

Schedule data represent the individual responses to  questions asked in the Census. Under U.S. privacy laws, seventy-two years must elapse before census data on individual persons can be released, and thirty years before census data on individual businesses can be released.  Schedule data is most important in micro-level historical research and in genealogical research.

HeritageQuest offers searchable images of U.S. federal census schedules from 1790-1930 along with digitized books containing family and local histories from around the country.

Microfilm Publications Digitized... 


Census Descriptions of Geographic Subdivisions & Enumeration Districts, 1830-1950.
Hoskins Storage / Microfilm: 
HA642 .A4 1930 reel 86
Contents: Vol.62 - S. Carolina; Vol.63 - S. Dakota; Vol.64 - Tennessee

Microfilm Catalogs - National Archives

Decennial Census Population: Name Schedules

  • [No.] Census of the United States, [yr.]: Population Schedules. Tennessee, 1810-1880; 1900-1930 
    Hoskins Storage Microfilm HA642.A4 (yr.)   NOTE: 1890 destroyed by fire - 
    not available. 
  • Seventh Census of the United States, 1850, Population. 
    Hoskins Storage Microfilm HA201 1850.A 25. 4 reels. Iowa, A-M counties; Louisiana, A-M counties; Missouri, J-O counties;Tennessee (Grainger to Greene only).
  • Other Schedules
    1860 - Virginia, Halifax County. Hoskins Storage Microfilm HA687.A4 1880
    1870 - Washington D.C. Hoskins Storage Microfilm HA301.5 1870.C4 
    1880 - 
    New York City. Hoskins Storage Microfilm HA542.A4 1880 Reels 889, 892 

Social Statistics

1850-1870  Hoskins Storage Microfilm
Tennessee  HA642.A42
Kentucky      HA392.A4
Georgia        HA322.A4
Louisiana     HA402.A4

Defectives, dependants, & Deliquents

Tenth Census 1880 Hoskins Storage Microfilm
Kentucky      HA392.A422
Georgia        HA322.A422
Louisiana     HA402.A422

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