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U.S. Census and Related Sources : Governments

United States statistics

Census of Gov'ts. Historical

Census of Governments  JS3.A246 and JS3.A255
1957, 1962, 1967 Stacks, 4th Floor
1972, 1977, 1982 Census Collection, 3rd Floor
Data given for states, counties, cities. Includes property, public employees, payrolls, revenue, expenditures, debts, and financial assets.
Titles in the Census of Governments include:
Government Organization - by type, size, population. Includes public school systems.
Compendium of Public Employment - payrolls, average earnings etc.,for functions such as education health, public welfare, and recreation.
Compendium of Government Finances - revenues by source and type; expenditures by function; per capita figures; percantage distributions; state rankings.

The Census of Governments annual surveys:

Government Finances in yr. HJ241.A3  Hodges Stacks 1965-1993
Includes the following titles:
City Government Finances in (yr.)
County Government Finances in (yr.)
Finances of Employee-Retirement Systems of State and Local Governments in (yr.)
Finances of Public School Systems in (yr.)
Governmental Funances in (yr.)
Local Government Funances in Major County Areas in (yr.)
State Government Finances in (yr.)
State Government Tax Collections  in (yr.)

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