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U.S. Census and Related Sources : Construction

United States statistics

Current Construction Reports

In addition to Census reports, data series on construction activity were published on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis for small geographic areas. Check the online catalog for the title "Current Construction Reports". See the Guide to Data Sources for Construction for titles within the series.

1949-1961:  HD9724.A3  Stacks(4th.)
HA195.U52   Microfiche Storage

1962:     HD9724.A3  Special Coll.

1970:  HA195.U52 #3697-3706     Microfiche Storage.

1964-1971:   HD9724.A3 Stacks(4th.)
1973-1996:   HD9724.A3 Census Coll.(3rd)                              

Construction Name Censuses

UT Holdings - Storage Microfilm




About Construction Census

The first Census of Construction was first taken as part of the Decennial Census of 1930 and the Census of Business.  Data were again collected for1935 and 1939 and published in the Census of Business reports.  Coverage was interrupted during World War II and resumed in 1967 as part of the 1967 Economic Censuses.  Data are provided for the number of establishments, receipts, employment, payrolls, etc.  The Census of Construction Industries is now taken for years ending in "2" and "7".

Census of Construction

1930    HA201.1930.A428    3rd Floor   Stacks

1935     HF3007.A34 V.1-3  3rd Floor   Stacks   
              HA195.U5 #1402-1405   Microfiche Storage                           

1940     HA201.1940.A74 V.4    3rd Floor   Stacks              
              HA195.M5 B1940-6      Microfilm Storage      

1967     HD9715.U53P8/P.Rico   4th Floor  Stacks                             

1972     HD9715.U52A57352      3rd Floor  Stacks                                                

1977     HD9715. U52U4953       3rd Floor  Stacks                                                                                                                              

1982     HD9715.U52C46            3rd Floor  Stacks                              

1987     HD9724.A4 1987           3rd Floor  Stacks                              
              Also on CD-ROM            Storage.
1992  HD9715.U52C46            
3rd Floor  Stacks                      

2007 Construction tables in American FactFinder
Manufacturing and Construction Statistics
Economic Census Historical data

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