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Map Collection and Online Resources: Exploration Resources

Exploration Resources


Atlas of Exploration. 1 atlas (248 p ) :; ill (chiefly col ), col maps ;; 31 cm. New York: Oxford University Press, 1997.
Hodges Library / Stacks: G1036.S12R6 1997

Atlas of the Year 1000. 1 atlas (144 p ) :; ill (some col ), col maps ;; 26 cm. Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press, 1999.
Hodges Library / Stacks: G1034.M15 1999

Konstam, A., 2000, Historical atlas of exploration : 1492-1600 : New York, NY, Checkmark Books, 191 p. p.
Hodges Reference / Reference: G95 .K66 2006

Le Grand Atlas Des Explorations. Corp Author(S): Encyclopaedia Universalis (Firm). 1 atlas. Paris: Encyclopaedia Universalis, 1991.
Hodges Library / Oversize: G1036.T514 1991

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Shackleton--an Antarctica Map Primer : A Limited Edition Selection of Historical Maps Reproduced from the Collections of the Library of Congress and Private Collections. 6 maps on 1 sheet :; both sides, col ;; 56 x 89 cm or smaller, sheet 63 x 97 cm , folded to 21 x 12 cm. Olean, NY: McElfresh Map Co. LLC, 2002.
Hoskins Map Collection / Map case: G9800 1956 .M3 2002

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North America

The Atlas of North American Exploration : From the Norse Voyages to the Race to the Pole. 1 atlas (224 p ) :; ill (chiefly col ), col maps ;; 29 cm. New York: Prentice Hall General Reference, 1992.
Hodges Library / Stacks: G1106.S12G6 1992

America Discovered : A Historical Atlas of North American Exploration. 1 atlas (224 p ) :; col ill , maps (some col ) ;; 33 cm. Vancouver ;; Berkeley: Douglas and McIntyre [Emeryville Calif.] Distributed in the U.S. by Publishers Group West, 2004.
Hodges Library / Stacks: G1106.S12H3 2004

Colonization and Trade in the New World. 1 map :; col ;; 56 x 74 cm ; Scale ca 1:10,200,000. Washington: The Society, 1977.
Hoskins Map Collection / NGS

Map of the Conterminous United States Showing Routes of the Principal Explorers from 1501 to 1844, Whose Work Had an Important Bearing on the Settlement of the Country and the Fixing of Its Successive Boundaries. 1 map :; col ;; 38 x 59 cm. Reston, Va.: U.S. Geological Survey, 1983.
Hoskins Map Collection / Map case: G3701.S12 1983.U5

National Trails System Map and Guide [United States]. Corp Author(S): United States. National Park Service. ; United States.; Bureau of Land Management. ; United States.; Forest Service. 1 map :; col ;; 37 x 57 cm , folded to 10 x 21 cm. Washington, D.C.: The Service, 1991.
Hoskins Map Collection / Vertical file map: G3701.P25 1991.U5 vf




Historical Atlas of the Arctic. 1 atlas (208 p ) :; ill (some col ), col maps ;; 33 cm. Vancouver, B.C.: Douglas and McIntyre Seattle WA University of Washington Press, 2003.
Hodges Library / Stacks: G1056.S12H39 2003




Atlas of Columbus and the Great Discoveries. 1 atlas (viii, 168 p ) :; ill (chiefly col ), maps (chiefly col ) ;; 38 cm. Chicago: Rand McNally, 1990.
Hoskins Map Collection / Atlases: G1100.N43 1990


-Lewis and Clark


Lewis and Clark and the Louisiana Purchase, 1803-1806. Olean, NY, McElfresh Map Co.
Hoskins Map Collection / Vertical file map: G3701.S12 1804.M2 vf

Lewis and Clark : A Legacy of Science. Corp Author(S): Geological Survey (U.S.). 2003.
Hoskins Map Collection / Map case: G3701.S12 2002.U5

Lewis and Clark Expedition 1803-1806. 1 map :; col ;; 63 x 94 cm , on sheet 70 x 96 cm. Mancos, CO: Time Traveler Maps, 2003.
Hoskins Map Collection / Map case: G4126.S12 2003.L48

Lewis and Clark Trail Maps, a Cartographic Reconstruction. 1 atlas (3 v ) :; maps ;; 32 cm. Pullman, Wash.: Washington State University Press, 2000.
Hodges Library / Stacks: G1417.L4P5 2000

Lewis, Meriwether, et al. Original Journals of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, 1804-1806 : Printed from the Original Manuscripts in the Library of the American Philosophical Society and by Direction of Its Committee on Historical Documents, Together with Manuscript Material of Lewis and Clark from Other Sources, Including Note-Books, Letters, Maps, Etc., and the Journals of Charles Floyd and Joseph Whitehouse, Now for the First Time Published in Full and Exactly as Written. 8 vols. New York: Antiquarian Press, 1959.
Hodges Library / Stacks: F592.4 1959


-Pacific Northwest


Hayes, Derek. Historical Atlas of the Pacific Northwest : Maps of Exploration and Discovery : British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Yukon. Reprinted with revision 2000. ed. Seattle: Sasquatch Books, 2000.
Hodges Library / Oversize: F851.H38 2000





Reeves, Charles A. Corp Author East Tennessee Historical Society, and First Families of Tennessee. Early Roads to the Tennessee Country : (before 1796). Knoxville, Tenn.: First Families of Tennessee East Tennessee Historical Society, 2000.
Hoskins Map Collection / Map case: G3961.P2 2000.E37


-Western United States


1820-1870 Western Emigrant Trails : Historic Trails Cutoffs, and Alternates. 1 map :; col , plastic-treated ;; 57 x 78 cm , folded to 21 x 11 cm. Omaha Nebr.: Western Emigrant Trails Research Center, 1999.
Hoskins Map Collection / Map case: G4051.P25 1870.B52

[Journeys of Explorers in the Western United States, 1790-1851]. 8 maps ;; sheets 36 x 26 cm or smaller. United States: s.n., 1900.
Hoskins Map Collection / Vertical file map: G4051.S12 1790.J6 1900s Sheets 1-8 vf

North West Section of Map of the United States. 1784.
Hoskins Map Collection / Map case: G3710 1784.A43

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Web Sites


David Rumsey Map Collection
Focuses on rare eighteenth and nineteenth century North and South American cartographic history, including atlases, globes, school geography, maritime charts, and separate maps including pocket, wall, children's and manuscript maps.

Discovery and Exploration
Search maps and manuscripts from the Geography and Map Division of the U.S. Library of Congress dealing with discovery and exploration in the Americas from the fifteenth through the nineteenth centuries.

Historical Maps of the United States
From the Perry-Castaneda Library Map Collection at the University of Texas at Austin; Includes maps of early inhabitants, exploration and settlement, territorial growth, and the United States in 1906.

Lewis and Clark: Mapping the West
Find maps, learning activities, learning plans, and general narratives about the Lewis and Clark Expedition, especially on their mapping activities, from the National Museum of Natural History.

Lewis and Clark: The Maps of Exploration, 1507-1814.
From the Special Collections Library at the University of Virginia