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United Nations: Voting

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Voting Practice

The majority of General Assembly resolutions are adopted without a vote. If a vote is taken, it is documented either as a recorded vote or as a summary of the result. Only a recorded vote will clearly identify the stand that a Member State took on the issue under discussion.

If a request for a recorded vote is not made before the voting is conducted, only the voting summary (i. e., the number of countries which voted for or against a resolution as well as those who abstained) will be made available, without identification of how an individual Member State voted.

The Repertory of Practice of United Nations Organs provides an analysis of General Assembly voting. Consult the section relating to Article 18 of the UN Charter.

N = NO
(Y) =
subsequently advised the Secretariat of intention to vote YES
(N)  = subsequently advised the Secretariat of intention to vote NO
(N) =
subsequently advised the Secretariat of intention to ABSTAIN
blank space indicates that no vote was recorded.

Voting Information

Voting information is first accessible unofficially in the press release
immediately after the conclusion of the meeting.

Press Releases
. 1995-

From 13th session (1958-1959) to the 54th session (1999-2000), resolutions of the General Assembly were first compiled in a press release issued specifically for the regular, special or emergency special session at which they were adopted. In addition to providing access to the full text, these volumes also contain the unofficial voting information for resolutions adopted by a recorded vote.

Meeting Records of the General Assembly
Official voting information can be retrieved from the record of the meeting at which the vote was taken.

The full text of recent meeting records can be retrieved from:

UNBISnet Voting Records
Official Document System of the United Nations (ODS).

UN Documentation Centre - full text from the 55th session onwards
Sessional cumulations - beginning with the 54th session, official voting information can also be found in the  of the resolutions of the General Assembly.