UTCVM Year 1 Students:Sour Milk Case

ACQUIRE: where to search for veterinary clinical information

Suggested list of databases / information services to search to acquire evidence to answer clinical questions that arise in practice.


  • Develop a list of databases to search based on your practice focus, access to databases, and experience searching for evidence.
  • If your go-to database has a subscription fee, include that in your employment contract negotiations.

Web search and evaluation tips

Search Tip:  Use  Advanced search in Google and limit to .edu or .gov or .org domains when searching the Web for this case.

Sample searches:

[mastitis dairy] limited to .edu domains

[udder health] limited to .edu domains

Always evaluate information from the Web or from scientific journals!

Sour Milk Case Books

More Resources for the Sour Milk Case

Book Chapter on Facilitating Change in Herd Health

Note:  this book is currently available as an e-book only.

Evidence-Based Medicine: Recent Conference Papers


Help with accessing electronic books and journals

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Contact:  agvetlib@utk.edu

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