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I'm Your Librarian
Hello, I am Donna Braquet, the Biology Librarian. I have been a librarian since 2000 and have been on the faculty at UT since 2004 as the Biology Librarian.  In 2015, I also became the librarian for Child and Family Studies, and for Women, Gender, & Sexuality.  I have a proactive approach to my outreach to departments by holding office hours, by tweeting new library resources, services, and updates, by sending monthly newsletters, and by offering email and in-person consultations. 


My job is to help you succeed. I can help you conduct research and find the information necessary to support your projects, papers, and assignments. It's what I love to do, so don't ever hesitate to contact me.

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Donna Braquet
865-974-0016 (leave voicemail)

Librarian for:
--Biology, EEB, BCMB, Microbiology, NIMBioS, GST
--Child & Family Studies
--Women, Gender & Sexuality

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