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UT Libraries Resources for High Schools

This research guide orients high schools groups visiting the library at UTK. It is a refresher for groups that have already visited the university.

Welcome High Schools!


I hope you enjoy the contents of this guide. It has been created for students/teachers who may be interested in visiting the University of Tennessee, and families who may be exploring secondary education options.

This research guide will provide scholarly information and research techniques that are useful for getting started on homework and research projects. Students can use this guide to identify basic steps to locate information about specific topics and subjects. This will help students develop strong research strategies and skills, specifically in the areas of citing sources, avoiding plagiarism, understanding basic research concepts, and connecting to STEM resources.

Thank you for exploring.

Message from Thura Mack, Coordinator of Community Learning Services and Learning Programs.

**During your school visit, we will provide a laptop for your use. However, you will be unable to print, please bring a USB drive.


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