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UT Libraries Resources for High Schools

This research guide orients high schools groups visiting the library at UTK. It is a refresher for groups that have already visited the university.

Library Terms

  • Boolean: Search strategy that links terms using the words AND, OR, and NOT to narrow or expand results.
  • Catalog [OPAC, Online Catalog]: Online database of materials owned by library.
  • CitationRules that guide how you document your sources.
  • Databases: Organized online collections of materials.
  • Information Cycle: Process by which information becomes available over time. Please see diagram below 
  • Information LiteracyAbility to find, understand, and utilize information ethically.
  • Plagiarism: Using someone's work (either by directly copying or paraphrasing) without giving them credit.
  • Scholarly/Refereed: Items considered to be acceptable by professionals within academic areas.
  • Stacks: A fancy way of saying where the library keeps its print books and journals.  
  • View Map: A feature of the online catalog that lets you see exactly where your book is.

Research Concerns

Understanding the Information Cycle                                                             (Used with permission from Thompson Rivers University Library)

How are databases different from the Internet?                                                               (Adapted from Roberts Wesleyan College)

  • Get their information from professionals or experts in the field
  • Contain published works where facts are checked
  • Help you narrow your topic or suggest related subjects

How can I tell if my journal is scholarly?                                                               (Adapted from the University of Arizona Library Guide) 

  • Written by and for faculty, researchers, and scholars
  • Use scholarly or technical language
  • Include full citations for sources
  • Reviewed by other scholars for quality and accuracy