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UT Libraries Resources for High Schools

This research guide orients high schools groups visiting the library at UTK. It is a refresher for groups that have already visited the university.

When using resources from Internet-5W's

When using resources from the Internet, it is important to keep these questions in mind to ensure it will meet your teacher's standards.

Who:   Who authored your resource; are they an expert?

What:  What is the information being conveyed in your resource?

When:  When was the information last updated -- Important!  It needs to be recent unless you are doing historical research.

Why:   For what purpose was the information published-- are there any biases?

Where:   Where was the information published? In a book or an educational website?


(Credit to UT Libraries, Learning & Engagement)

Databases at UTK

REMEMBER: You need to be on campus AND have a Guest account assigned to you to gain access UT's databases if not on a high school visit, so make good use of your time!

General Resources:

For English:

For Science:

For History: