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Music (Special Collections): Performers

This research guide highlights primary sources and research materials in Special Collections regarding various forms of music.

Manuscript Resources

sepia toned portrait of Gottfried Galston posting at the piano
Photograph of Gottfried Galston

Gottfried Galston, 1881-1978 (Gottfried Galston Music Collection and the Galston-Busoni Archive, MS.1072)

Gottfried Galston was a piano virtuoso and professor. He dedicated much of his career to the works of Beethoven, Chopin, Liszt, Bach, and Brahms. This collection includes Galston's personal materials, teaching materials, and personal music collection.

Also see: Gottfried Galston (MS.3652, Gottfried Galston Correspondence and Photographs; MS.3398, The Gottfried Galston Collection and Galston-Busoni Archive Proof Photographs)

Ferruccio Busoni, 1890-1974 (Gottfried Galston Music Collection and the Galston-Busoni Archive, MS.1072)

Ferruccio Busoni was an Italian virtuoso pianist, conductor, composer, and academic. This collection includes Busoni memorabilia such as correspondence, photographs, and manuscripts.

Also see: Ferruccio Busoni (MS.3398, The Gottfried Galston Collection and Galston-Busoni Archive Proof Photographs)

Grace Moore, 1837-1991 (Grace Moore Papers, MS.3666)

Grace Moore was an opera singer raised in Jellico, TN. She had a successful career with the Metropolitan Opera and starred in several films. This collection includes Moore's personal materials such as correspondence, photographs, scripts, and performance posters. 

photograph of Grace Moore exiting a train.
Photograph of Grace Moore.

Also see: Grace Moore (Grace Moore Scrapbook, MS.3883)

Oak Ridge Symphony, 1943-1949 (Oak Ridge Symphony Orchestra Scrapbooks and Photographs, MS.2188)

The Oak Ridge Symphony is the oldest active symphony in Tennessee. This collection includes scrapbooks that contain materials relating to the Symphony, such as tickets, photographs, and newsclippings.

Also see: Oak Ridge Symphony (Oak Ridge Symphony Orchestra History VHS Tape & Transcript, MS.2535)

Margaret Graeme Canning, 1906-2001 (Margaret Graeme Canning Collection, MS.2114)

Margaret Graeme Canning was an opera singer from Knoxville, TN. Canning performed across Europe and the United States with opera companies such as the Belgian National Opera. This collection includes Canning's personal materials such as correspondence, photographs, scripts, and performance posters. 

James Dobson, 1920-1987 (James Dobson Papers, MS.1464)

James Dobson was a voice actor and actor from Knoxville, TN. He performed in several Hollywood films and worked as a writer, producer, and production assistant. This collection includes materials such as correspondence, industry materials, and film posters.

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