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Music (Special Collections): Composers

This research guide highlights primary sources and research materials in Special Collections regarding various forms of music.

Manuscript Resources

black and white photograph of Gil Trythall and Shirley Watts

Gil Trythall and Shirley Watts, a music librarian at UTK, looking over Trythall's publication, Principles and Practice of Electronic Music. 

Gilbert Trythall, 1948-1999, From the Gilbert Trythall Collection, MS.3523 

Gilbert Trythall was a composer, professor, author, and conductor most know for his developments in electronic music. During his time in academia, he wrote several books outlining theory instruction and electronic technique. Trythall studied under David Van Vactor at the University of Tennessee where he earned his undergraduate degree in 1951. This collection includes his compositions, recordings, and personal materials.


Digital Collections

scanned sheet music page from Andante and Allegro for E-flat Saxophone and Strings
Andante and Allegro for E-flat Saxophone and Strings, David Van Vactor, 1972. From the David Van Vactor Music Collection

David Van Vactor Digital Collection 

David Van Vactor was a composer, conductor, professor, and flutist from Knoxville, TN. Van Vactor served as head of the Department of Fine Arts at the University of Tennessee and conductor of the Knoxville Symphony Orchestra. This collection includes all stages of Van Vactor's compositions, from sketches to published works.

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