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Government Information: Federal, State & Local: Popular Reference

A guide to finding federal, state and foreign government information.

SuDocs Classification

Superintendent of Documents classification (SuDocs) numbers are assigned by the  U.S. Government Printing Office to all official government publications.  This system arranges materials by issuing agency, not by subject. 
Below is a brief outline of the SuDocs system. Click here for a detailed explanation.

A          Agriculture 
AE       National Archives
C         Commerce
C 3      Census Bureau
CR      Civil Rights Commission
CS      Civil Service Commission
D         Defense 
E         Energy
ED       Education
EP       Environmental Protection 
FR       Federal Reserve 
FT       Federal Trade Comm.        
FTZ     Federal Trade Zone Board
GA      Government Accountability 
GP      Government Printing Office
GS      General Services 
HE      Health and Human Services 
HH      Housing and Urban 
I           Interior
I 19      U.S. Geological Survey
IC        Interstate Commerce Comm.
J         Justice
Ju       Judiciary
L         Labor 
LC       Library of Congress
LR       National Labor Relations Bd.
NA       National Academy of 
NAS     National Aeronautics & 
            Space Adm.
NS       National Science Foundation
P         United States Postal Service
PE       Peace Corps
Pr        President of United States
PrEx    Executive Office of the 
S          State Department
SBA     Small Business 
SE       Securities and Exchange 
SI        Smithsonian Institution
T         Treasury Department
T 22    Internal Revenue Service
TD      Transportation Department
VA       Veterans Administration
X & Y   Congress
X         Congressional Record
           House & Senate Journals
Y 1     Congressional Reports and 
Y 4     Congressional Hearings

Government Publishing Office (GPO) Resources

FDLP Basic Collection Research Guide: Core U.S. Government Resources - Core U.S. Government resources made available at all Federal depository libraries.

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Quick Reference

  • Guide to U.S. Government Publications. Andriot. Ref. Z1223.Z7A572 2003.
     A listing by Sudocs number with a chronology that includes title, starting dates, frequency, etc. Allows user to track changes in Sudocs number.



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