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Government Information: Federal, State & Local: Treaties

A guide to finding federal, state and foreign government information.

Finding Treaties

Researching treaties is often difficult. Before begining it is helpful to ask some basic questions:

Who are the parties (signatories) to the treaty?

What is the subject of the treaty?

When was the treaty signed? When did it go into effect?

Native American Treaties

United States Statutes at Large - Hodges KF50
Vol. 7 - Indian Treaties 1789-1842

Library of Congress American Memory - 1789-1873

Indians of North America -
 Law Library of Congress 

Indian Affairs: Laws and Treaties. (Kappler). KF8203 1975. V.2
Text of ratified and unratified Indian Treaties 1779-1871.

Treaties Between the Tribes of the Great Plains and the United States of America: Comanche and Kiowa, Arikara, Gros Ventre and Mandan, 1835-1891.
Hodges KF8202 1982.
May have treaties not in Kappler's compilation.

Country Collections

Digest of Unites States Practice in International Law - insights into treaty law from the U.S. Dept. of State

UK Treaties Online - Treaties to which the UK is a signatory

U.S. Treaties

  • HeinOnline  
    Search the "Treaties and Agreements Library" for treaties to which the United States is a signatory. 

  • Treaties and International Agreements Online
  • United States Treaties and Other International Agreements
    Hodges Stacks, 1950-1995 JX231.A34

  • Treaties and Other International Agreements of the USA
    1776-1949 Hodges Stacks JX236 1968.A5

  • Treaties in Force - latest issue; Earlier Issues
    Hodges Stacks 1941-2002 JX236 1929c

  • United States Statutes at Large (KF50) - for treaties signed between 1776-1949
    Vol. 7 - Indian Treaties 1778-1845
    Vol. 8 - U.S. treaties with foreign nations, 1778-1845
    use subsequent volumes of the Statutes to find treaties after 1845. There is a subject and country index in each volume. International Agreements are included beginning with vol. 47 (1931/32). Vol.64, pt.3, p.B1107 contains a cumulative index for 1789-1949.
    Fulltext in Govinfo -vol. 65, 82nd Congress (1951)  - latest year available
    Library of Congress American Memory - 1789-1873

  • Treaties, Conventions, International Acts, Protocols, and Agreements between the United States of American and other Powers. 4 Vols. 1776-1937
    Hodges Stacks JX236 1910. Treaty texts are annotated.

International Treaties