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Streaming Guide: CANVAS

This guide will provide information about and resources for streamed video at Hodges Library

CANVAS and Video Streaming

CANVAS allows instructors to add links to Library licensed videos to a class on the class' CANVAS site. 

See instructions to the right.  The Library licenses over 100,000 video streaming titles and newsreels.  Please go to our Video Streaming Collections page to see all of our video streaming collections. 

You can also search the Library catalog for video streaming titles, just as you would a book.  You can then limit the search to Resource Type - "Streaming Media" using the Facets on the left to take away all results except for steaming video and audio.

Adding Library Streaming Video Titles to CANVAS

This is a quick way to get a Library streaming video title into CANVAS.  Please make sure you are using the correct and proxied URL (see "Getting the URL" in the box below below)

  1. Open CANVAS.
  2. Open the course you want the video to be viewed.
  3. Click on "Assignments".
  4. Click "Add Assignment" box (or create a separate "Group" in Assignments.
  5. Fill in Data
    1. Title for assignment.
    2. Title of the video text area.
    3. Attach URL to the video title
    4. For "Submission Type", click the URL box.
    5. Optionally you can give it a due by date
    6. Click "Save and Publish"

Getting the URLs from Films On Demand's, Alexander Street Press's (AVON), Kanopy's, Film Platform's, and the Library's OneSearch catlog

For videos found using the Films On Demand or any of Alexander Street Press's databases such as Academic Video Online (AVON) you can find the URL links on the video's page by using the instructions below.  Do not use the link at the top of the web page that opened because it won't have the proxy information needed for students trying to watch off campus.  If you have questions, please contact Steven Milewski by email at



For Films on Demand  videos you can find and get the permanent URL:
  • Open your video
  • Click on "Share" below the video player window
  • Click on "Embed/Link"
  • Click on the copy button for the "Record URL" for the full video or if you are just wanting a segment (and it is offered), copy the "Segment URL"
  • You can now take this link to CANVAS or send to someone


Academic Video Online (AVON)

For Academic Video Online and other Alexander Street Press streaming videos from Proquest you can find and get a video's permalink URL:
  • Open your video
  • At the top of the page, above the player window, click on "Share"
  • Click "Copy Permalink"
  • You can now take it to CANVAS or send to someone
  • Note:  Alexander Street recently updated their platform and there may be problems with links you get,  contact Steven Milewski with questions.



For videos streaming from Kanopy you can use the URL that appears at the top of the web page when the video player comes up.




Streaming titles from other Library sources

  • Open the catalog record
  • Click on the Permalink button
  • You can now take it to CANVAS or send to someone
  • Contact Steven Milewski at to get the direct URL link if you would like that instead




Getting URL's from is available   You can get URL's for titles from it to use in Canvas but you may have to do a little work.


If you are ON Campus

  1. Go to
  2. Find and open the title you want
  3. Copy the URL at the top of the page.  It will look like:
  4. Go to
  5. At the bottom of the page is a tool called "Proxy Link Generator", paste your URL in the top box and then hit the "Create Link" button
  6. The link that is generated is the link that can now be copied and used in Canvas!  It will now look like:



If you are OFF Campus

  1. Go to
  2. Find and open the title you want
  3. If the URL at the top of the page begins with:
    then you can
    use that link in Canvas
  4. If the URL at the top of the page begins with: 
    then follow the procedures above for "ON Campus" to create a link for Canvas


YouTube in Canvas

To add YouTube videos or see other video streaming help options please go to OIT's help page on incorporating videos into CANVAS.

For this and other sources of audio and video that you want to connect to through CANVAS please be aware of copyright and permissions issues.  


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