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LibKey Nomad

LibKey Nomad product view

LibKey Nomad is a tool that provides one click access to PDFs. The browser plugin for Chrome, Edge, and Firefox pulls data from our Library Resources and Open Access resources to provide you quick access to full text content. LibKey Nomad is offered by Third Iron, creators of Browzine.

Find out more on the Library Tutorials page!



Google Scholar Settings

Need to add our library to your Google Scholar settings? Learn how on our Library Tutorials page! 

Open Access Button

Open Access Button

The Open Access Button is a free tool that allows you to find free, legal articles with just a click and that will email an author to get a copy if one isn't available. It's available as a Chrome and Firefox browser plugin, as well as a website. Find out more info and download the API here: https://openaccessbutton.org/.



Unpaywall is an open database of 23,777,594 free scholarly articles. They harvest Open Access content from over 50,000 publishers and repositories, and make it easy to find, track, and use. You can get their browser extension for free by going here: https://unpaywall.org/.

Proxy Link Generator


Whenever you're blocked from viewing the full text of an article, try using this form to create a proxied link.


1. Copy and paste your source URL here:

2. Click the "Create link" button below:

3. Copy and use the resulting link

4. Clear the form to make another link


UTKey Bookmark

This bookmark helps you access UTK Libraries' subscriptions without having to navigate through the library website. Whenever you're blocked from viewing the full text of an article, click on the bookmark to prompt a NetID login. The proxy bookmark should work as long as the session is active. If the session "breaks," just click on the bookmark again.

You can install the bookmark by one of these methods:

  • Drag this lock icon UTKey Proxy Bookmark to the your browser's bookmarks toolbar, or
  • Right-click the icon, and add to favorites, or
  • Create a bookmark with this code as the URL: