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Streaming Guide: My Computer Screen isn't displaying on the projector

This guide will provide information about and resources for streamed video at Hodges Library

Connection Help

To the right you will see some basic things to check to get your computer talking to the projector.

If you think the problem is with the projector (for example the bulb is burned out) please contact the OIT help line at 974 -9900

Podium and Cables

Make sure the VGA cable is connected to your computer and the podium.  Sometimes people will disconnect the VGA cable from the podium




Computer Video Output

PCs may need to have their video output display changed.  If you are connected to the projector and you do not see the laptop's image being displayed through the projector (but do see one on the laptop's screen) this can be an indication that you need to change your output display.

1.  If you are using one of the podiums at the University, try toggling on the control panel to a different output on your podium's touch screen and then coming back to the "laptop" button.  Sometimes this is all that is needed to get the projector and your laptop to talk to each other.




 2.  If that doesn't work change the video output on your computer.  You can do this in the control panel.  Basically you need to tell the laptop to send it's image to both its own screen and an external device.  


Apple VGA Adaptors

Each Apple machine has a particular adaptor needed to connect it to a VGA cable.  If you don't have one you can check one out in Hodges Library from The Studio using your UT ID.  Make sure you check out the correct one for your computer.


Mac VGA Adaptor


Contact Information

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Steven Milewski
Hodges Library
University of Tennessee
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Knoxville, TN 37966

865 - 974 - 2647