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Books as Art (Special Collections): Last Names S-Z

This guide lists resources in Special Collections about the history of book creation, special binding and printing techniques, the development of illustrations, and artist's books.


Title: 1492: What is it like to be discovered

Creator: Small, Deborah; Jaffee, Maggie

Date Published: 1991

Publisher: New York: Monthly Review Press

Call Number: N7433.4 .S43 A4 1991

Subject: United States History, Colonialism, Imperialism

Description: "1492 What Is It Like to Be Discovered?" is not just a book but a piece of art. It is subversive literature disguised as a coffee table book. Deborah Small and Maggie Jaffe have wrapped their politically explosive poetry and prose in brown paper like cheap vodka from a package store destined to be a Molotov Cocktail. The brown pages are printed chiefly with the sixteenth-century engravings of Theodore de Bry whose book with Girolamo Benzoni, "Great Voyages", and Bartolome de Las Casa's "Narratio Regionum" illustrate and graphically detail the atrocities of the European invasion of America. Other historical images are pulled from Amerigo Vespucci's "New World" and various pop-culture sources from films to Columbus Day advertisements. Bridging these prints and montages are the poetry of Jaffe and the imagery and text from three of Small's NEA fellowships: "1492", "New World [Women], and "Empire/Elan/Ecstasy". Amazon Review- Gregory Alan Wingo

Title: Between the sheets

Creator: Spector, Buzz

Date Published: 2003

Publisher: Ink Shop Printmaking Center : Olive Branch Press

Call Number: N7433.4 .S741 B56 2003


Description: "The Japanese fold makes for pages sewn together at their edges, each enclosing an interior space which is almost, but not quite, inaccessible to readers"--Page [3]. Published in an edition of 40, plus 12 hors commerce, lettered A-L. This is 38/40.5

Title: Double Readings

Creator: Buzz Spector

Date: 1987

Publisher/Press: S.l. : B. Spector

Call Number: N7433.4 .S741 A63 1987



Title: Individualocracy: the personal decisions that govern sprawl

Creator: Matthew Salenger

Date: 2014

Publisher/Press: Tempe, Ariz. : The Pyracantha Press, Arizona State University

Call Number: HT393.A6 S35 2014

Subject: Cities and Towns


Title: Japanese Hand-made paper

Creator: Seikichiro Goto

Date: 1953

Publisher/Press: Tokyo : Bijutsu

Call Number: TS1095 .J3 G6

Subject: Papermaking

Description: on Japanese handmade paper, with colorful woodblock prints and captions describing the process, with 47 samples of paper by Seikichiro Goto tipped in at the back

                            Title: Spirit Land

Creator: Paul Nabhan, Kim Robert Stafford, Margaret Prentice, John Risseau

Date: 1996

Publisher/Press: Tempe, Ariz. : Cabbagehead Press ; Eugene, Or. : Margaret Prentice Studio

Call Number: Oversize N7433.3 .S64 1996

Subject: environment, endangered plants, western USA

Description: Tall and narrow, handmade paper, poems about Oregon and Arizona "[C]ollaboratively created and produced during the summer of 1996 ... for the Dieu Donné Papermill-sponsored 'Art of the Matter' paper collaboration symposium in October of 1996."--Colophon. Item consists of two sections. One section titled Spirit land : Arizona has the poem "Sonoran desert unfolding" by Gary Paul Nabhan with a partial list of endangered, threatened, and protected plants in Arizona. The other section titled: Spirit land : Oregon has the poem "Oregon reunion of the rare" by Kim Stafford with a list of endangered, threatened, and protected plants in Oregon. Made of four folded handmade sheets sewn together. Two sheets made by Margaret Prentice create the Oregon section. That paper contains fibers from various plants grown in Oregon. The other two sheets of paper made by John Risseeuw create the Arizona section. That paper contains fibers from various plants grown in Arizona. John Risseeuw made the portfolio-style paper wrapper from a mixture of Arizona and Oregon fibers plus soil and crushed shells.

Title: Wrongly bodied : documenting transition from female to male

Creator: Clarissa T. Sligh

Date: 2009

Publisher/Press: Philadelphia, PA : Leeway Foundation

Call Number: N7433.4.S427 W76 2009

Subject: gender identity, passing (identity), LGBTQIA

Description: Introduction -- Jake in transition from female to male -- Ellen and William Craft's escpae from slavery -- Jake's transition time line -- Jake's support group (March 28, 1999) -- Essays. Jake in transition form female to male series or, through the mirror and what Clarissa found there / by Carla Williams -- Women in transitition (from female to male) (translated from Italian) / by Silvia Roncucci -- Afterword: How I met Jake / by Clarissa Sligh

Title: Tale of Two Bottles: One is Half empty, One is Half Full

Creator: Dolph Smith

Date: 2017

Publisher/Press: Ripley, Tennessee : Dolph Smith

Call Number: N7433.4.S65 T35 2017


Description: "From Dolph's ongoing series of Scrapbooks, Tale of Two Bottles, features a cover with two glass bottles inset into the front cover, resting on a ledge and protected by an overhang. The text block of blank pages features sections of alternating colored pages. The title page has a small, origami plane. This plane is one of Dolph's repeating motifs, one that he refers to as a guiding mantra."

Title: Inthevisible

Creator: Jered Sprecher

Date: 2001

Publisher/Press: Iowa City, Iowa : Jered Sprecher

Call Number: N7433.4.S743 I68 2001


Description: The book is a combination of hand set lead type and photoplates printed by letterpress, it also includes hand drawn elements in graphite."

Title: That Other Alone

Creator: William Stafford

Date: 1972

Publisher/Press: Mt. Horeb Wisc., Perishable Press

Call Number: PR3537 .T143 T48 1973


Description: poems, by William Stafford, illustrated by Ann Mikolowski. [22] pp.; 28 cm; Sabon Antiqua; 120 signed and numbered copies on "Tawny Absorbent botanical drying paper"; handbound in pictorial boards by Mary Ellen Chapdu. Beige paper over boards; brown design on front and back covers; fern leaves on front cover.

Title: Jered Sprecher : memory device : selected paintings: 2012-2014

Creator: Jered Sprecher, Michael Wilson

Date: 2015

Publisher/Press: Boston : OSP Catalogs

Call Number: ND237.S6445 A4 2015

Subject: 21st century painting



Title: Bikupan: the story of a trip to visit a hand paper mill in Sweden, with a bit of history added in for good measure

Creator: Peter and Donna Thomas

Date Published: 1992

Publisher: Santa Cruz, California : Peter and Donna Thomas

Call Number: TS1095.S89 T56 1992

Subject: Papermaking, Sweden, Typefaces

Description: "One hundred nineteen copies of this book were printed on paper handmade by Peter Thomas in 1983, using white and black rags with blue pigment. The sample papers were all made at the Lessebo hand paper mill, the first was made in 1990 & the rest were made sometime in the middle of the twentieth century, exactly when unknown. The printing was done on a Vandercook press using Centaur and Arrighi types. The book was hand-bound by Peter and Donna Thomas. This is copy number 96."--Colophon.

Title: The Concertina Book

Creator: Peter and Donna Thomas

Date: 2013

Publisher/Press: Santa Cruz, California : Peter and Donna Thomas

Call Number: 7433.3 .T45 C66 2014


Description: "This book was made by slicing the bellows of a no longer functioning vintage concertina to create an accordion book structure. The images and text panels were then inserted into the bellows to create the pages. The text is a series of limericks, each making reference to the concertina. The text was digitally set and printed on Peter's handmade paper. The rubrication around the text was hand drawn by Donna. The images are vintage photographs of concertina players. The images have been digitally printed on Peter's handmade paper and then hand colored by Donna."

Title: Half Dome: A Climbing of History

Creator: Peter and Donna Thomas

Date: 2000

Publisher/Press: Santa Cruz, California : Peter and Donna Thomas

Call Number: F868 .Y6T56 2000

Subject: Environment

Description: balsa covers, no spine. Library has no. 112 of 150 copies printed, with linocut illustrations by Donna Thomas. Minature book.

Title: Hetch Hetchy Flora: a collection of wildflowers painted on may 22, 2013

Creator: Peter and Donna Thomas

Date: 2013

Publisher/Press: Santa Cruz, California : Peter and Donna Thomas

Call Number: QK149.T45 2013

Subject: Environment, wildflowers

Description: "Nine watercolor paintings of wildflowers, one watercolor painting of Hetch Hetchy Reservoir from O'Shaughnessy Dam, one watercolor painted map, five ornamental pages of handwritten and rubricated text. Donna's original art work was reproduced by digital printing processes onto Peter's handmade paper. Those pages were then sewn onto larger sheets of loft dried granite-like paper Peter made for the book. The book is bound between blue Moroccan leather boards. Both front and back covers have wooden replicas of a plant press used in the early twentieth century by botanist Willis Jepson"--Peter & Donna Thomas' website (viewed April 25, 2018). Copy 25. "[T]hree months after Donna made her paintings there was a wildfire in Hetch Hetchy Valley, known as the Rim Fire, which scorched the area she had painted in, burning all the vegetation to the ground"--Publisher's Web site.

Title: Meditations at the edge: paper and spirit

Creator: Dorothy Field, Donna and Peter Thomas

Date: 1996

Publisher/Press: Santa Cruz, California : Peter and Donna Thomas

Call Number: TS1094.F54 1996

Subject: Asia, Papermaking, Artists' Books

Description: text on paper from hemp fiber, illustrations on paper from Kim Yeong Yon's kozo fiber; paper, letterpress, and binding by Donna & Peter Thomas Peter made the text paper from hemp fiber. Dorothy made the paper used for the illustrations from the last of Kim Yeong Yon's kozo fiber. There are eighty-six regular copies and fourteen special copies. The special copies are bound as prayer flags and held in a wooden temple made by Kathy Frandeen. This is copy number 15.

Title: Memento mori

Creator: Peter and Donna Thomas

Date: 2018

Publisher/Press: Santa Cruz, California : Peter and Donna Thomas

Call Number: N7433.4.T45 M45 2018

Subject: Death, Memento Mori

Description: Limited edition of 20 copies. Special Collections copy is 9 of 20. Woodcuts handprinted on handmade paper. Bound vertically in box. Carving of a female figure (deceased) on a thin sheet of tin or aluminium is pasted on verso of front cover. "The text combines Latin phrases exploring a theme first found in Euripides's tragedy Alcestis, "No one can say for certain they will still be living tomorrow." Woodcut illustrations in the style of Southwest Day of the Dead milagros. Letterpress printed on Peter's handmade paper (ochre with black fiber flecks) using handset 18 pt Anglo and various fonts of wood type printed with split fountain inking. 3 illustrations by Peter Thomas. The binding is a variation of our flap page structure: ebony wood supports hold a dowel that the pages are sewn to. Full bound in black Moroccan leather with Peter's woodcut on a panel on the front cover.

Title: Paper from Plants

Creator: Peter and Donna Thomas

Date: 1999

Publisher/Press: Santa Cruz Calif. : Peter & Donna Thomas

Call Number: TS1124.5 .T56 1999

Subject: papermaking, fiber, plants 

Description: a paper sample book with 20 examples alternating with pages explaining them "The book was designed, letterpress printed and handbound by Peter and Donna Thomas. The type was both hand and machine set, using Centaur and Neuland. Peter wrote the introduction. Donna drew the illustrations. There are one hundred fifty copies of which thirty have been reserved for the participants. Donna has hand colored the illustrations in copies one through fifteen. This is copy number 55"

Title: Peter and Donna Thomas: the work of 40 years

Creator: Peter and Donna Thomas

Date: 2017

Publisher/Press: Santa Cruz, California : Peter and Donna Thomas

Call Number: Z232.P446 P48 2017

Subject: artists books, bibliography, exhibition catalog

Description: Introduction by Max Yela, Head of Special Collections, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Libraries. "This publication is designed to accompany multiple exhibits, serving as a catalog for the institutions around the country that are holding exhibitions between 2017 and 2018 to commemorate Peter and Donna Thomas's forty years of work."

Title: Piute Creek

Creator: Gary Snyder and Peter and Donna Thomas

Date: 2017

Publisher/Press: Santa Cruz, California : Peter and Donna Thomas

Call Number: PS3569.N88 P54 2017


Description: "We chose Snyder's poem for the project both because the author's association with Japan--where the scroll is a common way to present literature (Snyder lived for a short time in Japan, and his early work was translating Zen poetry)--and because his later work, as a poet writing about man's relation to the environment and nature, was influential on everyone in our generation who ever thought of moving back to the land or taking a backpack trip in the Sierra."

Title: Tarantella Rose: six poems

Creator: William Everson, Peter and Donna Thomas

Date: 1995

Publisher/Press: Anchor & Acorn Press, Santa Cruz, Calif. : Peter and Donna Thomas

Call Number: PS3509 .V65 T37 1995


Description: paper by Peter Thomas, illustrations cut and paper hand-bound by Donna Thomas. "Seventy-five copies have been letterpress printed and hand-bound by Peter and Donna Thomas at 260 Fifteenth Avenue, Santa Cruz, California. The illustrations were cut by Donna and the paper was handmade by Peter. The text was set at Anchor & Acorn Press using Intertype Weiss and the titles were handset by the printer using Weiss Titling, Series II. Seven copies, lettered A - G, have been hand-colored and specially bound by Donna Thomas. This is copy number "

Title: Tree by John Muir

Creator: Peter and Donna Thomas

Date: 2012

Publisher/Press: Santa Cruz, California : Peter & Donna Thomas

Call Number: QK475.6 .M85 2012

Subject: trees, environment, nature, miniature

Description: "Original watercolor paintings and calligraphy by Donna reproduced on Peter's handmade paper, then attached to a pleated spine made from Peter's handmade paper that is green with images of trees made by spraying paper pulp through stencils. Bound in a leather wrapper with wood panels on the front and back covers. A stick slides through slits at the foredge to hold the book closed"

Title: On the Edge of the Storm

Creator: Peter and Donna Thomas

Date: 2018

Publisher/Press: Santa Cruz, CA : Donna & Peter Thomas

Call Number: Oversize PS3620.H62727 O6 2018

Subject: Kaiser Wilderness, Sierra Nevada, Nature

Description: "This poem was written over the course of one day spent in a summer rainstorm, under a red fir tree, in the Kaiser Wilderness in the Sierra Nevada. Most of the paintings are from that solo backpacking trip. The dark-to-light sky paper was handmade by Peter. I chose the accompanying authors' quotes for their way of seeing that the beauty and events of the natural world richly illustrate the human condition"

Title: Free the little bird

Creator: Maya Angelou, Peter and Donna Thomas

Date: 2019

Publisher/Press: Santa Cruz : Peter & Donna Thomas

Call Number: N7433.4.T45 F74 2019

Subject: Birds, Folk Songs, Appalachia, United States

Description: Accordion Fold 

Title: Pancha Tantra

Creator: Walton Ford, Bill Buford, Benedikt Taschen

Date: 2007

Publisher/Press: Hong Kong : Taschen

Call Number: Folio ND237 .F4915 P36 2007

Subject: animals, painting

Description: a bound collection of Walton Ford's watercolors


Title: Blinky: the friendly hen

Creator: Vallance, Jeffrey

Date: 1996

Publisher/Press: Santa Monica, CA : Smart Art Press

Call Number: N6537.V26 B55 1996

Subject: Dead animals, Chickens

Description: In his tribute to the "billions of hens sacrificed each year for our consumption," Vallance documents the purchase of a frozen chicken from Ralph's Supermarket, a fryer he named Blinky, and its subsequent burial in the Los Angeles S.P.C.A. Pet Memorial Park. Printed in an edition of 2000.

Title: De-coll/age-Happenings

Creator: Wolf Vostell

Date: 1966

Publisher/Press: New York, Something Else Press

Call Number: PN3205 .V613


Description: a collection of folded posters, a package of antacid on Mylar, and a piece of matzo in a wooden box.


full color photograph of the front cover of the art of the fold.Title: The art of the fold : how to make innovative books and paper structures

Creator: Kyle, Hedi; Warchol, Ulla

Date: 2019

Publisher/Press: London : Laurence King Publishing Ltd

Call Number: TT870 .K95 2019

Subject: Paper folding, paperwork, book binding, book design, artists' books.

Description: "The renowned and influential book artist Hedi Kyle shows you step-by-step how to create her unique designs, using folding techniques. Projects include flag books, blizzard books, the fishbone fold and nesting boxes. This is a wonderful insight into the work of a truly skilled artist."

Title: Building Stories

Creator: Ware, Chris

Date: 2012

Publisher/Press: New York : Pantheon Books

Call Number: Oversize PN 6727.W285 B85 2012

Subject: Graphic novels

Description: Presents an illustrated tale, told in various books and folded sheets, about the residents in a three-story Chicago apartment building, including a lonely single woman, a couple who are growing to despise each other, and an elderly landlady.

Title: Jered Sprecher : memory device : selected paintings: 2012-2014

Creator: Jered Sprecher, Michael Wilson

Date: 2015

Publisher/Press: Boston : OSP Catalogs

Call Number: ND237.S6445 A4 2015

Subject: 21st century painting


Title: The Well wherein a Deer’s head bleeds: a play for winter solstice

Creator: Robert Kelly, Ron Loewinsohn, Diane Wakoski

Date: 1968

Publisher/Press: Los Angeles : Black Sparrow Press

Call Number: PS3521 .E4322 W44


Description: Annual Christmas greeting booklets On cover: A play and two poems. "A Christmas greeting from the Black Sparrow Press."


Title: Bird & Diz

Creator: Golio, Gary and Young, Ed

Date: 2015

Publisher/Press: Somerville, Massachusetts : Candlewick Press

Call Number: ML3929 .G59 2015

Subject: Music, African Americans, Biography, Juvenile Works

Description: Presents a rhythmic tribute to Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie, and their creation of bebop.

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