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Books as Art (Special Collections): Last Names G-L

This guide lists resources in Special Collections about the history of book creation, special binding and printing techniques, the development of illustrations, and artist's books.


Title: Cortona Clothesline

Creator: Katie Gonzalez

Date: 2008 

Publisher/Press: Nashville, Tennessee : Linen Laid & Felt

Call Number: N7433.4 .G6475 C67 2008

Subject: Clothes, Artists' Books

Description: Artist's statement: "While studying the art of bookbinding in Cortona, Italy, I began to love the daily sight of hanging laundry on lines strung from Tuscan mountainside homes. When I returned stateside, I channeled the imagery into my artwork. To create this book, I layered ink on both sides of the pages using a monoprint technique to create an expressive blend of rich blues and greens. Then I illustrated a clothesline full of women's garments, which I carved into a large block of wood. Using this block, I layered a woodblock print on top of one side of the monoprint background. After the printing process, I hand-stitched yellow embroidery thread through the paper to represent the clothesline before folding the pages into an accordion. To create the covers, I cut out the shape of a dress from blue fabric and appliquéd it onto green fabric. I stitched clothespins and the line on the cover as well"--Email from artist, received February 9, 2016. "Cortona Clothesline was printed and bound in the spring of 2008 using monoprint and relief techniques. You are holding book 3 of 3. Katie garner 2008."

Title: *[isosceles romance]

Creator: Katie Gonzalez

Date: 2012

Publisher/Press: Nashville, Tennessee : Linen Laid & Felt

Call Number: N7433.4 .G6475 I76 2012

Subject: Math, Love

Description: Artist's statement: "The inspiration stems from a high school geometry class where I first met my future husband. The first time we talked, he asked me a question about isosceles trapezoids (from our geometry homework). Somehow that lead to our first date, and - nine years later - marriage. We always give credit to geometry for the start of our relationship. An artists' book, bound in a delicate accordion that incorporates collagraph prints, drypoint prints, and a collection of mixed papers, including pages salvaged from a vintage geometry textbook. In an edition of 12." --Email from artist, received February 9, 2016.

Title: Ladies’ Diary: being a repository for daily musings and observations on the domestic life

Creator: Gilded Leaf

Date: 2016

Publisher/Press: Maryville, Tennessee : The Gilded Leaf

Call Number: Z269.3.F55 L33 2016

Subject: bookbinding, papermaking

Description: "The paper is a 60" cream white, an excellent match with the machine-made paper of the period. ... Patterned after common bindings of the day, the spine is black morocco leather, with sides of heavily embossed cloth. Endsheets are a plain yellow, replicating a very common 19th century endpaper" Binder's blank model.

Title: Bird & Diz

Creator: Golio, Gary and Young, Ed

Date: 2015

Publisher/Press: Somerville, Massachusetts : Candlewick Press

Call Number: ML3929 .G59 2015

Subject: Music, African Americans, Biography, Juvenile Works

Description: Presents a rhythmic tribute to Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie, and their creation of bebop.


Title: Deeply Honored

Creator: Fred Hagstrom

Date: 2010

Publisher/Press: St. Paul, Minn. : Strong Silent Type Press

Call Number: Oversize N7433.4 .H2 D3 2010

Subject: Japanese-Americans

Description: enlarged photos and letters about a Japanese-American soldier. After being interned with his parents at the Minikoda Internment Camp in Idaho, Frank Masao Shigemura was released to attend Carleton College in Northfield, Minnesota, with the help of the newly formed National Japanese American Student Relocation Council, headed by John W. Nason. Although Shigemura described his year at Carleton as the best of his life, he enlisted in the U.S. Army. He was killed in battle in France on October 20, 1944. When Carleton published a memorial "Gold Star" booklet which honored the Carleton men who had been killed in the war, Mr. and Mrs. Shigemura responded with the first of many donations to the college. From their correspondence, Carleton President Laurence M. Gould developed a friendship with the Shigemuras, and as their contributions continued, helped establish the Frank Shigemura Scholarship at Carleton. The alumni felt Frank's loyalty should be made public and asked George Grimm, a columnist, to write about it. Grimm wrote a series of articles on the Shigemuras's generosity; the articles were collected and reprinted elsewhere.

Title: I want to spend the rest of my life everywhere…

Creator: Damien Hirst

Date: 1997

Publisher/Press: New York : Monacelli Press

Call Number: N7433.4 .H57 A4 1997

Subject: Surrealism, Toy and moveable books

Description: illustrations of Damien Hirst's controversial work. In publisher's dust jacket. Includes pop-ups and movable parts; die-cut components; some illustrations are tipped in; and essays by Gordon Burn and Stuart Morgan. 

Title: Medieval Binding: The Girdle Book

Creator: Karen Hanmer

Date: 2015

Publisher/Press: Glenview, IL : Karen Hanmer

Call Number: Z269.3 .M44 H36 2015

Subject: Book Binding

Description: The girdle book is a medieval binding structure featuring a long extension of leather which could be attached to a traveler's belt. This leather extends from the tail of the book, so the text can be read while the book is still attached to the reader's belt. The extension often terminates in a decorative knot or hook." -- Introduction. Medieval Girdle book: Text block sewn on double supports. Wooden boards shaped all around, with special attention given to the inside spine edge to match the text block's shoulder. Spine linings extend beyond the text block and attach to the inside of the boards. Text block laced onto boards and cords pegged in. Sewn headbands also laced into the boards. The girdle book model also includes : Full covering in vividly-colored leather, strap and pin closure, corner bosses, vellum foredge markers, turk's head knot to finish leather extension at the binding's tail. -- From artist's website.

Title: Displacement

Creator: Kathy T. Hettinga

Date: 2018

Publisher/Press: Dillsburg, Pennsylvania : Kathy T. Hettinga

Call Number: N7433.4.H485 D57 2018

Subject: nature, humans effect, environmental degradation,

Description: "Displacement is the removal from the normal location or position. We are living in times of immense displacement and relocation of peoples from their homes, and natural resources from the earth. My book begins with looking at the bleak mid-winter trees in central Pennsylvania. Driving through the hilly farmlands, old houses are perched precariously near highways, and dense woods overtaken by high-voltage transmission towers and power plants. Inspired by Heidi Kyle's The Art of the Fold, Displacement riffs off of her One-Sheet structure, the Eight-Section Offset Cut. The offset cuts, reminiscent of an Advent calendar, conceal and reveal, small creatures hidden within: a brilliant, orange-headed, female Western Oriole, and house mouse take their dislocated places beneath the eastern woods and farmhouse respectively. The branches of sycamores create white lines out of the dense woods, tiny pathways of hope in a bleak time"--Artist's statement

Title: A quarterly farming journal for Alabamians

Creator: Annie Herlocker

Date: 2009

Publisher/Press: Tuscaloosa : Paper Revival Press

Call Number: TX715.2.S68 H47 2009


Description: "The purpose of printing this journal is to provide a tool for anyone on the hunt for local foods--or local recipes."--Prelim. " ... printed and bound by Annie Stalling ... The text is Optima and was letterpress printed from photopolymer plates on French construction paper."

Title: When I First Arrived in Baghdad

Creator: Stan Honda, Fred Hagstrom

Date: 2011

Publisher/Press: Northfield, Minn. : Strong Silent Type Press

Call Number: DS79.762 .H65 2011


Description: metal cover, silk screened, half-tone photos and brief captions Photographs and text by Stan Honda; with permission from Agence France Presse. Printed in silk-screen, wire edge binding, Futura font.

Title: Flatland : a romance of many dimensions

Creator: Edwin Abbott Abbott (author), Andrew Hoyem (artist, printer, publisher)

Date: 1980

Publisher/Press: San Francisco : Arion Press

Call Number: QA699 .A13 1980

Subject: visual literature, geometry and physics in literature and art

Description: "A satire about a two-dimensional world vexed by single- and multi-dimensionality that has been continuously in print since first published in 1884, enjoyed by young students of geometry and sophisticated physicists alike, and hailed as a precursor of science fiction"


Title: 1492: What is it like to be discovered

Creator: Small, Deborah; Jaffee, Maggie

Date Published: 1991

Publisher: New York: Monthly Review Press

Call Number: N7433.4 .S43 A4 1991

Subject: United States History, Colonialism, Imperialism

Description: "1492 What Is It Like to Be Discovered?" is not just a book but a piece of art. It is subversive literature disguised as a coffee table book. Deborah Small and Maggie Jaffe have wrapped their politically explosive poetry and prose in brown paper like cheap vodka from a package store destined to be a Molotov Cocktail. The brown pages are printed chiefly with the sixteenth-century engravings of Theodore de Bry whose book with Girolamo Benzoni, "Great Voyages", and Bartolome de Las Casa's "Narratio Regionum" illustrate and graphically detail the atrocities of the European invasion of America. Other historical images are pulled from Amerigo Vespucci's "New World" and various pop-culture sources from films to Columbus Day advertisements. Bridging these prints and montages are the poetry of Jaffe and the imagery and text from three of Small's NEA fellowships: "1492", "New World [Women], and "Empire/Elan/Ecstasy". Amazon Review- Gregory Alan Wingo

Title: Cosmology

Creator: Helen Heibert Carl Adamshick, Diane Jacobs

Date: 2012

Publisher/Press: Portland, Oregon : Helen Hiebert Studio

Call Number: N7433.4 .H533 C67 2012

Subject: Japanese inspired, Artists' Books, Memory, Silence

Description: The book structure was inspired by an interest in Japanese architecture. The artist-made paper is 100% cotton, featuring a pigmented pulp lamination. The poem, Cosmology, was written specifically for the book by Carl Adamshick. Letterpress printing: Diane Jacobs; laser cutting: Joe Freedman. Issued in a paper wrapper with circular cut-out to reveal title. Accordion-folded book slips out of cover and opens to reveal six pages, with two illustrated pages behind a laser-cut design inspired by Japanese architecture and two pages letterpress printed with poetry. Special Collections copy is 29/50.

Title: The Wonderful Mallet

Creator: Mrs. T. H. James

Date: Meiji 32 19--?

Publisher/Press: Tokyo : T. Hasegawa

Call Number: PN989 .J3 W6

Subject: fairy tales, folklore

Description: creped paper pages, pen and ink drawings have been colored in

Title: Selections from Elegy for Ira H.: [Exit from Appalachia]

Creator: Forrest B. Johnson, Frank Brannon

Date: 2014

Publisher/Press: Dillsboro, North Carolina : SpeakEasy Press

Call Number: PS3610 .O35 S45 2014

Subject: Southern Appalachia, poetry

Description: "Forrest Johnson will present 'An Elegy for Ira H./ [Exit from Appalachia]' a letterpress printed sculpture that is a collaboration between the poet and book artist, Frank Brannon, both of whom, although a generation apart, grew up along the eastern border of Tennessee and Kentucky. While recognizable as a 'book,' this piece does not follow the normal conventions of book format. Rather, it could be interpreted that the form evolved from intimacy with the text, the subject of the text, and knowledge of each other as artists. The shape reflects both the poem's invocation of water and also each artist's departures from ideas about the Appalachian region, those held by people within and those held by people outside it. The poems, selected from an unpublished manuscript 'Elegy for Ira H./[Exit from Appalachia],' explore ideas of regional memory, landscape, ancestry and problems of representation.


full color photograph of the front cover of the art of the fold.Title: The art of the fold : how to make innovative books and paper structures

Creator: Kyle, Hedi; Warchol, Ulla

Date: 2019

Publisher/Press: London : Laurence King Publishing Ltd

Call Number: TT870 .K95 2019

Subject: Paper folding, paperwork, book binding, book design, artists' books.

Description: "The renowned and influential book artist Hedi Kyle shows you step-by-step how to create her unique designs, using folding techniques. Projects include flag books, blizzard books, the fishbone fold and nesting boxes. This is a wonderful insight into the work of a truly skilled artist."

Title: Desire and the importance of failure: lo spirit della storia naturale

Creator: Shelagh Keeley

Date: 1996

Publisher/Press: Atlanta, Georgia : Nexus Press

Call Number: N7433.4 .K436 D4 1996


Description: Illustrations of transitions and containers, accompanied by a poem by Debra Esch. Produced alongside the Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games.

Title: Homage to Humanity

Creator: Jimmy Nelson, Donna Karan, Mundiya Kepanga

Date: 2018

Publisher/Press: New York : Rizzoli

Call Number: Oversize GN380 .N456 2018

Subject: Indigenous peoples

Description: Acclaimed British photographer Jimmy Nelson presents his latest collection of 400 evocative photographs revealing an inclusive look at the people and cultures of over thirty iconic tribes from around the world. From the Himalayas with the Laylap in Bhutan to the last hidden outposts of Africa with the Mundari in isolated South Sudan, these tribal cultures, many which have long been hidden from the world's eyes, are documented with an intimacy and knowledge that only Nelson can conjure. This new assemblage of voyages is accompanied by insightful, engaging interviews with tribe leaders, infographics on the locations and cultures of each destination, and a new mobile application that allows readers to view; film material, behind the scenes video, storytelling, and interviews from all the journeys--inviting readers on a journey to the remotest places on earth. Before They Pass Away II celebrates each tribe's distinct aesthetic cultural heritage and is a visual document, perhaps even the last record, that reminds us and future generations of the beauty and harmony of these tribes and the purity of their way of life. This unique volume--truly an invaluable time capsule of the last surviving tribes--is an essential for travel and photography enthusiasts. Nelson's large-plate field camera captures every minute detail, vivid colour, and dramatic light to produce awe-inspiring portraits of tribal members: from head-on shots, to visual narratives documenting quotidian life, rituals, and rites of passage, and striking pictures of marvellous and sometimes harsh landscapes. Comes with supplemental VR glasses and companion phone application that allow pages to become interactive with videos corresponding to the book's photographs.

Title: Coloring book: celebrate Knoxville! Bicentennial ’91, 1791-1991

Creator: Knoxville Artist Group

Date: 1991

Publisher/Press: Knoxville, TN : Knoxville Artist Group : Goodwill Industries, Inc.

Call Number: F444.K7 C65 1991


Description: "Drawings by Knoxville Artist Group to benefit Goodwill Industries-Knoxville, Inc."

Title: The Well wherein a Deer’s head bleeds: a play for winter solstice

Creator: Robert Kelly, Ron Loewinsohn, Diane Wakoski

Date: 1968

Publisher/Press: Los Angeles : Black Sparrow Press

Call Number: PS3521 .E4322 W44


Description: Annual Christmas greeting booklets On cover: A play and two poems. "A Christmas greeting from the Black Sparrow Press."


Title: Flag Book: interaction towards a better world

Creator: Fernando Lopes

Date: 1996

Publisher/Press: Atlanta, Georgia : Nexus Press

Call Number: N7433.4 .L65 F45 1996

Subject: Olympics, flags, countries

Description: diagonally folded, origami-like pages with flags from the countries represented at the 1996 Olympics. The text consists in accordion style of 96 triangular pieces of flags from countries represented at the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia. Back cover containing the term, "INTERACTION" and its equivalent in 7 additional languages. 

Title: The Well wherein a Deer’s head bleeds: a play for winter solstice

Creator: Robert Kelly, Ron Loewinsohn, Diane Wakoski

Date: 1968

Publisher/Press: Los Angeles : Black Sparrow Press

Call Number: PS3521 .E4322 W44


Description: Annual Christmas greeting booklets On cover: A play and two poems. "A Christmas greeting from the Black Sparrow Press."

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