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Southeastern Native American Tribes (Special Collections): Home

This research guide identifies Special Collections materials related to Cherokee, Chocktaw, Creek, Seminole, and Chickasaw Native Americans from 1782 to 2011.


Special Collections, located on the first floor in Hodges Library, preserves and provides access to rare and unique materials that support instruction and research at the University of Tennessee. Available formats include rare books, manuscripts, letters, diaries, photographs, and digital collections. This research guide identifies special collections materials related to the Native American experience in the Southeast, from the late 18th century to present day.

The guide is not a comprehensive list but, instead, an introduction to prominent topics and themes available in our collections. To find more materials on a specific topic:


There are several search terms to use when looking for materials. Although some of the terms are dated, they reflect the historic usage and can help identify contemporaneous materials: Bureau of Indian Affairs, tribe, removal, treaty, missionary, indian agent, Native American, and the name of the Indian Nation you're interested in.

General Resources to Get Started

American Indian history : a documentary reader. edited by Camilla Townsend (E77.A4963 2009)  Includes primary documents with translations, introductions, and suggestions for further research.

American Indian places : a historical guidebook. Frances H. Kennedy (E77.9 .A44 2008) Section 2 is about Southeastern tribes.

American Indian sovereignty and law : an annotated bibliography. edited by Wade Davies, Richmond L. Clow. (KF8201 .A1A44 2009) Lists books and articles on treaties, reservations, tribal courts, discrimination, economic development, and many other topics.

Beadwork storytellers, a visual language. Barbara R. Duncan (TT860 .D86 2008) Includes photos and information.

Documents of Native American political development : 1500s to 1933. edited by David E. Wilkins (E98 .T77 D63 2009) Primary sources for many Native American tribes.

A Native American encyclopedia : history, culture, and peoples. Barry M. Pritzker (E76.2 .P75 2000) Chapter 7 covers many aspects of Southeastern tribes in brief articles.

The Trail of Tears : an annotated bibliography of Southeastern Indian removal. Herman A. Peterson (E98 .R4P48 2011)  Lists books and articles, divided by nation, with a chapter on government documents.


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