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Medieval and Renaissance (Special Collections): Politics, Geography, & Travel

This guide contains resources about science, religion, arts, and travel in the Middle Ages.

Primary Sources

15th century: Page from the Nuremberg Chronicle (Discussing "Das sechst alter" on one side, and "Oerwerlt" on the other side) MS [Marco]

Facsimiles and Reproductions


 A document and folder from the Processus Templaris
A document and folder from the Processus Templaris

9th The Tollemache Orosius (A history of the world, with a 27-page introduction and 174 pages of plates.) Oversize: Z115GR .E3 v.3

9th-12th The Peterborough chronicle (Political history of England, with 43 pages of introduction and 184 pages of plates.) Oversize: Z115GR .E3 v.4

11th-16th A Wulfstan manuscript containing institutes, laws and homilies (English laws from the 7th century, with a 54-page introduction.) Oversize: Z115GR .E3 v.17

12th Textus Roffensis (Part 1 includes the laws of Kent, some genealogies, and a 32-page introduction. Part 2 is the cartulary of Rochester Priory with a 42-page introduction.) Oversize: Z115GR .E3 v.7

15th Martin Behaim, his life and his globe (The book is a discussion of the globe, with eleven maps and seventeen illustrations. In the back pocket are huge facsimiles of the globe from several angles.) Oversize: G69.B4 R3

 The Cover of Civitates orbis terrarum
The Cover of Civitates orbis terrarum

English and Other

11th/12th Great Domesday (Volumes 1 & 2 are the facsimile, volumes 3 & 4 are a translation, volume 5 is full of maps, and volume 6 has indices.) DA190 .D5 1986

14th Processus contra Templarios (Documents from the Templar trial, very realistic facsimile.  See the article in 2010-11 Library Development Review, which can be found in Trace.)   Oversize: KJV131 .T46 P76 2007

15th-19th Theatrvm orbis terrarvm (a series of atlases with introductions in English.) Oversize: G1025 .T54 1963

16th Civitates orbis terrarum (Maps and illustrations of cities, this was the first true atlas.) Oversize: G140 .B72

16th The discoverie of the large, rich, and bevvtifvl empyre of Gviana, with a relation of the great and golden citie of Manoa (which the Spanyards call El Dorado) and of the prouinces of Emeria, Arromaia, Amapaia, and other countries, with their riuers, adioyning. Performed in the yeare 1595. E129.R2 R22

17th Orbis habitabilis oppida et vestitus (Sketches of towns and their costumes from around the world.) Oversize: G140 .A4 1695a


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