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Natural Resources

This guide is designed to help you find databases, web resources, journals, books and government documents related to Forestry, Wildlife, and Fisheries.

Finding Print Resources

General (Library of Congress) Call Numbers can be a helpful tool to utilize when searching for print resources within the library.  The library categorizes and groups books together by subject matter.  Therefore, locating the section and shelf that deals with your topic can be helpful to find other related materials.  The shelves in the library are labelled with the range of call numbers so that you can easily locate the specific range you are looking for.  If you are looking for a specific book, you can find the unique call number for the book using OneSearch on the Library's webpage.

General call numbers and subject areas are:

  • QH - Natural History and Genetics
  • QL - Zoology, including ornithology and individual species
  • QP - Physiology 
  • QR - Microbiology 
  • SD - Forestry
  • SH - Aquaculture & Fisheries 
  • SK - Hunting & Wildlife Management 

Searching for Print Resources via OneSearch

The easiest way to search the print resources that are available through UT libraries is through the OneSearch bar on the library's homepage
Using OneSearch, you can input a specific title that you are seeking or you can input a keyword for your research topic. 

You can use the "Refine my Results" tab on the side to limit your results using a variety of filters.  If seeking only print resources, you can choose "Format: Physical/Print" and then press "Apply Filter".  
Once you click on a resource that interests you, you will be taken to a screen that looks like this: