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Quick and easy access to freely available government information resources for consumers.

Are You a Consumer?

Do you like to shop?  

Have you ever avoided making large purchases because you were intimidated or overwhelmed?

Have you ever made a purchase you regret because you felt pressured?

Have you ever thought about budgeting or investing your money?

Have you ever been confused by the difference between a medical insurance plan and a medical discount plan?

Have you ever wondered about the difference between low-calorie or fat-free foods?

Are you looking for healthy cooking options or information on nutritional supplements?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, you could benefit from the information provided in this research guide. We are all consumers and, therefore, we could all benefit from consumer information.  

The more informed we are when deciding on a purchase, the better equiped we are to make that purchase.  

[Original content for this Research Guide was provided by Amanda Carter, Spring 2012.]

Welcome to the Consumer Information Page!

Welcome to the Consumer Information Research Guide.  

Did you know that the United States government provides a plethora of free online resources for citizens so that we may become better educated on purchases we may like to make?  Unfortunately, these sources are sometimes difficult to find.  

This guide provides easy access to many of those useful consumer information resources so that we may be better able to make informed consumer decisions.

This Consumer Information Research Guide enables direct access to government information provided to inform consumers of their rights as well as to provide access to other helpful information that is important to know before and after making purchases. 

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