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Consumer Information: Consumer Information

Quick and easy access to freely available government information resources for consumers.

Are You a Consumer?

Do you like to shop?  

Have you ever avoided making large purchases because you were intimidated or overwhelmed?

Have you ever made a purchase you regret because you felt pressured?

Have you ever thought about budgeting or investing your money?

Have you ever been confused by the difference between a medical insurance plan and a medical discount plan?

Have you ever wondered about the difference between low-calorie or fat-free foods?

Are you looking for healthy cooking options or information on nutritional supplements?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, you could benefit from the information provided in this research guide. We are all consumers and, therefore, we could all benefit from consumer information.  

The more informed we are when deciding on a purchase, the better equiped we are to make that purchase.  

[Original content for this Research Guide was provided by Amanda Carter, Spring 2012.]

General Consumer Information

This page includes links to general consumer websites provided by the United States government and the Federal Trade Commission.  Most pages have links that are tailored to type of consumer, such as kids, seniors, federal employees, or citizens, so you should be able to find information more specific to your shopping interests within those links.  

There are a variety of topics discussed within these sites, from applying for a passport and finding cheap gas prices to car maintenance and identify theft, so feel free to explore each page further to better understand the benefits they offer.  

All of the websites below should be referenced along with the subject-specific websites to ensure that you are accessing as much information as possible on the consumer topic of your choice.