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Services for the Veterinary Practice Team : Tennessee

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Access to evidence and other services

  • PROVIDE ACCESS 6 MONTHS POST-GRADUATION: UT Knoxville graduates have access to e-journals and databases for 6 months post-graduation. Licensing restrictions prevent us from providing UT Knoxville graduates access after 6 months.
  • ACCESS TO ARTICLES: Access to Articles Tab
  • ADVOCATE FOR OPEN SCIENCE: 94% of veterinary professionals don't have access to the literature.  UTK Librarians are advocates for publishing models that remove access barriers currently in place to veterinarians and staffPlease do your part: partner with us to actively advocate for open science through veterinary professional associations and funders.
  • EXPERT SEARCH ASSISTANCE:  we will help you find evidence in library subscription databases to support clinical decision making, continuing education, business decisions, speaking or writing projects, etc.
  • See TABS for other services

Help is available please reach out

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Jeanine Williamson
152 Hodges Library

1015 Volunteer Boulevard

Knoxville, TN 37996

(865) 974-9164

Readability assessment of client handouts: you can do it! Librarians can help!

Quickly assess readability levels of client handouts created in-house or found in ready-to-use collections like that are free to access Veterinary Partner (VIN), Vetstream or ClientEd (Lifelearn) or included in a subscription (Vetlexicon).

1. Copy and paste text from the handout into the Automatic Readability Checker box on


2. calculates readability scores for 7 readability formulas in a flash and provides a consensus a the bottom.  The Readability Consensus below resulted from copying and pasting the text on Addison's Disease in Veterinary Partner.



4. More about the how readability of client handouts supports the veterinary team-client bond please see article by UT Librarians Baxter and Viera:


Practice Journal Clubs: how-to booklet April 2017

inFOCUS " .. keep up to date with new and changing evidence.”