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Services for the Veterinary Practice Team : Reliable Health Info for Animals and People

Reliable Animal Health Information

LifeLearn ClientEd service

Lifelearn in Canada has changed how it delivers client education.  As veterinary librarian have bought their Cds and DVDs and books in the past for the library collection, so I am familiar with the company.  I have no relationship with the company other than trying to purchase the client education service for the library.

Lifelearn has a new service that provides authoritative affordable client education materials: http:

Here is what it looks like in a veterinary practice Web site in Cookeville, TN:


Full Disclosure::  LifeLearn staff have used research results from surveys that I helped conduct of veterinarians and owners in promoting the ClientEd service.  I have no formal relationship with Liflearn. I have begun a subscription to ClientEd with library funds to support the College of Veterinary Medicine.

Ann Viera

Veterinary Librarian

865-974-9015  or annviera  at  utk  dot  edu

MedlinePlus and McMaster Healthy Aging: Quality Human Health Information

MedlinePlus Trifold ready to download (2019) : refer clients to Medlineplus with this brochure

Refer friends, family, clients, and staff to MEDLINEPLUS or McMaster Healthy Aging Portal with confidence.

Medlineplus is accurate, current, ad free and private.  Content is selected and continuously refined and updated by the librarians at the National Library of Medicine/National Institutes of Health.

American College of Physicians:  Medlineplus is "Premium information for patients"


Download brochures for the practice reception area and see training videos at


Countering the Dr. Google effect

Mis/Information on the Internet: How to Handle it

DVM 360 has a very useful handout, adapted from the Cancer Information Service, National Cancer Institute, to help everyone on both sides of the appointment desk in your clinic evaluate what they find on the Internet.