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Services for the Veterinary Practice Team : Find Evidence

New to Searching for Evidence? Look at Erik Fausak's Overview:

Need Expert Search Assistance from a Veterinary Librarian?

For expert search assistance, please the international directory of veterinary librarians to contact a veterinary librarian. 

He or she can help you with a search of CAB ABSTRACTS (also called VetMed Resource) for example:

Where to Search once you've reviewed Erik's presentation to left and formulated an answerable clinical question -- see RCVS Toolkit

Erik's recommended databases 2015


2018 list of recommended databases:  more information in the boxes below.

1.   Point of care clinical information services recommended by your veterinary librarian: 

2. PubMed--the premier biomedical database from the National Library of Medicine, indexes around 100 veterinary journals

3. VetSRev, RCVS Knowledge Summaries  (systematic reviews, and Knowledge Summaries) 

4. VetMed Resource (also called CAB ABSTRACTS): comprehensive search, fee to search it yourself, or contact your veterinary librarian.

5. BestBetsforVets (U. Nottingham), and/or depending on species Consultant from Cornell (Dr. Pete White) make sure nothing on your topic before Google Scholar search -- higher levels of evidence/quality filtering

6.  Google Scholar (catch-all search articles and conference proceedings and cited reference searching on articles already identified)

      VIN, IVIS  (for conference proceedings, some journal articles)

VetCompanion 303 + topics graded for evidence-- small animal ONLY


PubMed: free to search and indexes about 100 veterinary journals

PubMed is optimized for novice searchers.

Take the Tutorial:  PubMed for Veterinarians from TAMU

More about PubMed from TAMU Librarians

Evidence summaries and other services

Free to access from U. Nottingham or RCVS
VetSRev database of systematic reviews in veterinary medicine and science
BestBetsforVets A BET is a simple review of the current best evidence available to answer very common and specific clinical questions.  Consider writing one! Sign up here to get updates automatically!
RCVS Knowledge Summaries Find them in the RCVS Journal Veterinary Evidence  (

VetMed Resource (Fee access: to discuss pricing, or free trials contact -

Google Scholar--use to identify relevant articles.

 If you can't get the full text right from Google Scholar:

1. try clicking on "All X Versions" in Google Scholar--it may lead you to an author- archived version

2. Contact authors directly.  Send them a full citation or screen shot. 

3. Contact the veterinary librarian in your state or region


What is IVIS? - IVIS is an on-line publisher of veterinary books and proceedings. The IVIS website currently includes 1,673+ book chapters and proceeding articles. 


VIN indexes about the same 70-80 veterinary journals as the free databases CONSULTANT or PubMed.

Veterinary Information Network--about $700/year and free to students with discounts for recent grads.  VIN provides other resources for a community of 45,000: message boards, consultants, a bookstore, CE, client handouts and more. A related free service from VIN Is VSPN, the Veterinary Support Personnel Network, for technicians and practice managers.  See flyer below. 

The flyer below describes the VIN expert opinion textbook VINCyclopedia, formerly VIN Associate.  


Help with accessing electronic books and journals

off-campus access

Attribute to:  Ann Viera