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IACUC: Animal Alternatives

Audience: Principal Investigators, IACUC members, and IACUC support personnel

Guidelines and Best Practices

To avoid the "Red Flags" of research:

  • Be sure to use at least 2 primary databases in your search.
  • Do not include Google Scholar as a primary database.
  • Document your searching process to ensure the search is comprehensive.

Database Selections

Managing Results

Documenting your results is an important element in conducting a literature review for IACUC. Fortunately, citation managers allow searchers to easily keep track of and organize search results. By using a citation manager, you will be able to attach notes to references that can include keywords, subjects, or other elements.

We recommend you use either Zotero or Endnote to complete this task. Please visit the Libguide for Zotero Citation Manager or the Libguide for Endnote Citation Manager for additional information. If you decide to use Endnote, you may review these instructions on how to download search results directly from databases. (These links will open in new tabs)