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Veterinary Information

Guides to services and collections for students, staff and faculty in the College of Veterinary Medicine

Resources for do-it-yourself or librarian-assisted searching for alternatives:

Checklist and AWIC brochure that supports do-it-yourself searching:

Find a Librarian to assist with an alternatives search.

Benefits of searching with a librarian:



Learn more: webinars, tutorials, articles, and Websites 

1)  NIH/OLAW Webinar (40 min.)  - "Meeting Requirements for Alternatives Searches" (2014) Kathleen Gregory Highly recommended!

2) UNC tutorial:  "Searching the Literature for Animal Testing Alternatives".

3)  ARTICLE: If at the beginning of the research planning process, use the Step by Step guide to systematically identify all relevant animal studies by Leenaars, et al Laboratory Animals 2012. 

4)  Working with wildlife?  Key article: Putman, R. (1995). Ethical considerations and animal welfare in ecological field studies. Biodiversity & Conservation, 4(8), 903-915.

5)  ARTICLE on Refinements: Michael Kreger helps researchers and IACUC members understand why refinements are important, how to search for them, and how to evaluate a search for refinements:

6) Teaching protocols: NEW ARTICLE! Considerations When Writing and Reviewing a Higher Education Teaching Protocol Involving Animals.Vemulapalli TH, Donkin SS, Lescun TB, O'Neil PA, Zollner PA. J Am Assoc Lab Anim Sci. 2017 Sep 1;56(5):500-508. PMID:28903820.  Article will be freely available March 1, 2018. 



More resources:

More about reporting guidelines: