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TRACE User Guide

Information for authors and campus units adding research and creative work to TRACE, UT's open repository of scholarship.

Overview of Responsibilities

This page outlines the responsibilities of 1) UT Libraries and 2) TRACE Collection Managers regarding TRACE.


Libraries' Responsibilities

  • Establish collection/series if it is determined to meet TRACE scope
  • Establish access permissions for collection managers
  • Distribute content according to community decisions in accordance with TRACE policies and guidelines (find these under "About TRACE" on the TRACE homepage)
  • Retain and maintain content submitted to TRACE
  • Preserve content using accepted preservation techniques
  • Notify communities of significant changes to content, e.g., format migration
  • Refuse or withdraw items or collections under certain circumstances (e.g., by legal order)
  • Move collections to reflect current understanding between TRACE and communities
  • Migrate items if format is in danger of obsolescence
  • Set quotas (size of files, number of items, etc.)


Collection Managers' Responsibilities

  • Review TRACE policies and guidelines (find these under "About TRACE" on the TRACE homepage)
  • Review the TRACE User Guide (You are in the guide right now.)
  • Aim to create accessible files, including captions for any video files and using built-in features of word processing programs to aid in accessibility
  • Arrange for submission of content
  • Clear copyright for items submitted when copyright owner is other than author(s) or UT, and document that clearance
  • Decide upon a submission workflow for each collection
  • Decide policy regarding content to be submitted
  • Decide who may submit content within the community or series
  • Decide policy to edit, remove, or withdraw items in the collection (Note: Any TRACE item that has existed at some time may have been cited, so TRACE will usually supply a "tombstone" when someone requests a removed item.)
  • Notify TRACE of organizational changes affecting submissions

Many of these responsibilities are taken from the MIT Libraries' DSpace Guide.