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Civil War in Tennessee (Special Collections): Photographs and Prints

This research guide highlights primary sources and research materials in Special Collections regarding the Civil War in Tennessee.


Strawberry Plains Bridge (Tenn.) Stereoview, undated (MS.2283)
This stereoview photograph presents a Civil War-era scene of the Strawberry Plains Bridge, the ruins of a nearby house, and a soldier standing guard. The card is No. 2668 in the War Views series, published by E. & H. T. Anthony & Co. of New York.

Photograph of African American Soldiers, circa 1864 (MS.3049)
This modern print depicts African American soldiers at a Civil War camp in Johnsonville, Tennessee. The men shown are standing on a railroad car. Also visible are full wagons, lumber, railroad tracks, and tents with fireplaces.

Nashville (Tenn.) Civil War Battlefield Stereoview, 1864 (MS.2260)
This stereoview photograph presents a scene of the outer lines of the Federal entrenchments on the battlefield at Nashville on December 16, 1864. Tents and some details of camp life can be seen. The card is No. 2638 in the War Views series, published by E. & H. T. Anthony & Co. of New York.

East Tennessee University Civil War Photograph, 1860s (AR.0236)
This collection contains an oversized photograph of the East Tennessee University during the Civil War. It was taken from the south side of the Tennessee River looking towards the Hill and shows Old College, East College, and West College. An unidentified encampment is visible in the foreground.

Bridge Across Tennessee River -- Chattanooga and Lookout Mountain in the Distance, circa 1900 (Print Chatta.1900)
Reproduction of a Civil War-era photograph showing a view of the Tennessee River at Chattanooga and Lookout Mountain during the Civil War.


Map of the Seat of the War in Tennessee and Kentucky, 1862 (Print Nashv.1862)
A map "showing the present position of the Union Armies under Generals Buell and Grant" published in Harper's Weekly on March 8, 1862.

Chattanooga from the North Bank of the Tennessee, circa 1863 (Print Chatta.1863)
A hand-colored print by Alfred H. Guernsey (Alfred Hudson) published in Harper's Pictorial History of the Civil War showing a view of Chattanooga.  The text on the opposite side of the sheet summarizes events of the war.

General View of Chattanooga and Union Encampments, 1863 (Print Chatta.1863g)
A hand-colored engraving by Theodore R. Davis published in Harper's Weekly on November 28, 1863, illustrating Chattanooga with Union encampments and the rebel army in the distance.

The War in Tennessee, 1863 (Print Chatta.1863u)
An engraving by C. E. F. Hillen published in Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper on December 12, 1863, depicting "Union pickets approached by rebels in cedar bushes near Chattanooga."  The opposite side of the sheet contains the article that accompanies this image.

The Massacre at Fort Pillow, 1864 (Print Fort Pillow.1864)
A print illustrating the Battle of Fort Pillow published in Harper's Weekly on April 30, 1864.  The opposite side of the sheet contains the article that accompanies this illustration.

The Stockades and Fortifications around the Capitol, 1864 (Print Nashv.1864)
An engraving of the capitol building in Nashville published in Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper on September 24, 1864.  A caption accompanies the illustration describing the scene in Nashville and around the capitol building.

Office of Freedmen's Bureau, 1866 (Print Freedmen.1866)
A print published in Harper's Weekly on June 2, 1866, illustrating the Freedmen's Bureau in Memphis, Tennessee.  The opposite side of the sheet contains part of the accompanying article.

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