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Data and Digital Scholarship Services

Research Data Services Overview

UT Libraries' Department of Data and Digital Scholarship Services (3DS) provides consultation, tools, and education and training to support the entire research data lifecycle, including data management planning, finding and accessing data, analyzing data, acquiring or purchasing data for Libraries' collections, and data sharing and preservation for all members of the University of Tennessee-Knoxville community. 


Data Management Planning

Data Management Planning helps document the lifecycle of the data you are working with. Data Management Plans (DMPs) provide details on data collection for storage, access, sharing, and reproducibility of your results. A good data management plan will ensure the availability and accessibility of your research results after your project is complete and you have published the results, increasing the value of your research and possible reuse by other researchers (University of Arizona). It is important to note that a Data Management Plan is usually required by most grant funders.

Get Data

Do you need data for your research, classwork, or personal interests? This is a great place to start to find and access the data you need. Below are links to resources that can help you discover data in different domains and disciplines according to your needs. 

Working with Data

From introductory data literacy to advanced coding, UT Libraries and other campus services can provide support as you learn to use both your own and secondary data. Whatever your comfort level with data, we encourage you to explore how data can boost your research and scholarship!

Share and Preserve Your Data

It is common scholarly practice to publish the results of research, and it is becoming increasingly more important to share the underlying data. Data sharing allows for the replicability and verification of experimental findings and allows for reuse in new and unexpected ways. Sharing your data may also increase the impact of your research. Here you can find recommended repositories and get assistance with sharing and preserving your data.