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Equipment Checkout in the Commons South: Loaner Laptops

Policies, procedures, and item availability for Hodges Library Equipment Checkout

6-Hour Loaners

Dell Latitude 5400

Dell Latitude 7320

Dell Latitude 5420

MacBook Air 13.3-inch, M1, 2020

MacBook Air 13-inch, 2017

Loan Period: 6 hours, with a $0.25 an hour late fee
Included: laptop, power adapter
Functionality: can only be used on secure campus eduroam wifi network

Click here to check PC laptop availability. Click here to check Mac laptop availability.

Long-Term Loaners

Dell Latitude 5400

Dell Latitude 5430

Loan Period: up to 28 days maximum
Included: laptop, power adapter, carrying bag
Functionality: connects to off-campus wifi

Click here to check long-term loaner PC laptop availability.