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EndNote: Problems & Fixes

This guide describes UT resources available on the citation management software, EndNote.

Current Problems

APA 6th Formatting

Pubmed Journal Name Abbreviations

Track Changes Problems with Endnote

Converting Word Bibliographies to Endnote Records

Working with Large Word Documents

APA Formatting — Title Capitalization Issues with EBSCO Databases

Some article titles in EBSCO databases are capitalized in Headline style rather than Sentence style when imported into Endnote. All the words in the title are capitalized, rather than just the first word, as APA requires.

To fix this problem in Endnote X7, choose "APA 6th-Sentence Case" style in the style selection box, instead of "APA-6th."

You will need to capitalize any proper nouns that were changed to lower case by changing the style.

Pubmed Journal Names Abbreviations

Pubmed Journal Names Abbreviations Issue

References imported into Endnote from Pubmed/ Medline show abbreviations instead of full names. Full names are required by some styles, such as APA.'s video gives a solution.

Track Changes Problems with Endnote

Endnote sometimes creates formatting problems with Track Changes. The following link shows how to solve the problem.

Converting Word Bibliographies to Endnote Records

Endnote and Large Word Documents

Endnote references update slowly in large Word documents. To speed up the process, turn off the instant formatting in the cite while you write toolbar.  For Mac Word 2011, you can turn off the instant formatting under the Bibliography tab in the Cite While You Write ribbon. On later versions or Word on Mac, or on Windows, you will see the instant formatting selection choice in the Endnote X8 tab.

When you get done inserting unformatted citations in the document, click on Update Citations and Bibliography under Bibliography on the Mac Endnote X8 toolbar, or on the Windows Endnote X8 tab.

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