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EndNote: Using EndNote with UT Resources

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This page covers topics such as find full text preferences, exporting citations from databases, adding citations from UT Libraries' OneSearch, UTK connection files and output styles, using EndNote with Symplectic Elements and NVivo, and integrating EndNote references into LaTeX documents.

Find Full Text Preferences

Below are some ways to make EndNote work effectively with UTK Library resources.

Find Full Text Preferences

To use FFT off-campus, you will need to set up the Find Full Text preferences in EndNote:

In Mac, go under EndNote 20 to Settings. Preferences is found under Edit on Windows machines.

In the Find Full Text Preferences, put in the following information:

OpenURL Path: :


You may check all the boxes above these two URLs.

Exporting Citations from Databases

Most databases now have very easy ways of exporting ctations from a database directly into EndNote.

Adding Citations to EndNote from UT Libraries OneSearch

You can export records from the library catalog directly into EndNote.

Connection Files and Output Styles

Connection files allow EndNote to interact directly with the Library's catalog and databases.

Ouput styles determine the way that references in a paper or bibliography will be formatted. The EndNote program comes with many styles already available, but others may be downloaded directly from

EndNote and Symplectic Elements

Using NVivo with EndNote

Using LaTeX with EndNote

One of the easiest way to get EndNote references into LaTeX documents is to convert them to a .bib JabRef library.  To do this you will need to install JabRef.

1. Select the references in EndNote that you wish to export to JabRef

2. Under Export

3. Export in .txt format with BibTeX Export as the output style selected (may need to click on Select Another Style)

4. Once you have saved the file, change its extension to .bib

5. Open the .bib file with JabRef

6. If you wish to rename the identifiers, go to Autogenerate BibTeX Keys

7. Follow instructions about inserting BibTeX references into LaTeX documents such as at "Bibliography in LaTeX with Bibtex"

(There are many other tutorials such as this on the internet.)