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Guides for Veterinary Students, Faculty, Staff

Guide to books for courses by year, plus publishing, pre-veterinary career information, access after leaving UTK, etc.

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2/ Look up the book in Onesearch instead of relying on the guide:
Search using a few keywords from the title and one of the author names

Guide to evidence-based veterinary medicine and meeting the requirements of AVMA Clinical Competency 9

Make it a priority this week:  click here to learn more about VetCompanion and VetStream

See announcement in Canvas about these services "Point of care clinical information services comparison handout"


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Help with accessing electronic books and journals

off-campus access

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Marley case books

Purpose: to list books students have found useful for this case in the past.

Note: these are not ALL the books that may be useful.  A list of where to search for the best evidence is on the guide to evidence-based veterinary medicine.

Ebook help



Communicating with Clients: refer and use these trustworthy sources

First read these two key articles:

Sources that support the veterinarian-client bond:

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