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State Law, Legislation and Regulations: Laws & Regulations

Guide to Tennessee and other States

Agency Rules & Regulations

    • Tennessee Rules and Regulations
      Official current administrative rules and regulations of Tennessee agencies.

      Official Compilation, Rules and Regulations of the State of Tennessee
      . Tennessee Dept. of State.
      KFT35.A25 CD-ROM. Hoskins Storage Reading Room.
    • Tennessee Public Safety Codes (included in TN Rules & Regs. above)
      Page down to select: Boiler, Building, Fire, Life Safety, and Mechanical codes for Tennessee. 
    • Tennessee Administrative Register. 2000-current online. Monthly. Tennessee Dept. of State.

Print KFT35.A2. Stacks 1975-2004
DocMic CD-ROM 2004-
Contains administrative regulations and rules of state agencies.

Public & Private Acts (Statutes)

Public Chapters/Session Laws

Session Laws are statutes published in their chronological format.

  • Public & Private Acts and Resolutions of the State of Tennessee
    Online from the 100th General Assembly (1997/98) to the current.
    Online in Hein Online from the 96th General Assembly, 1990-current.
    Print KFT25.A2 Stacks, 1901- current; Special Collections, 1801-current; Microfilm, 1796-1849, 1903, 1931.

    Published in annual compilations after the close of the session. Public acts are applicable to all jurisdictions. Private acts generally have local application only. Arranged chronologically by chapter number with a subject index in each volume.

  • County Legislative Acts
    TN Private and public acts as related to individual counties.


    Codes are annotated statutes arranged by subject.
  • Tennessee Code Annotated. Print. Reference KFT30 1955.A2
    An arrangement of existing laws in force, annotated with court opinions and law reviews. It incorporates the new laws into a classified subject/topic arangement, accompanied by brief summaries.

    Online versions:
    Michie's Legal Resources
    Nexis Uni 
    • Updates to the Code are provided through:

Nexis Uni 

Law Annotations

Annotated Versions of laws pertaining to various subject areas, e.g.Tennessee Workers' Compensation Laws Annotated, are sold by Lexis Law Publishing. The University Libraries no longer keeps print copies.
To read or print a section from the unannotated law books, go to, and select Tennessee as the jurisdiction. The Tennessee Code will be shown. If you know the title and chapter for the laws you want, click the + sign to open the titles, then select the title for the law. e.g. For the workers’ compensation law go to Title 50, then Chapter 6.
If the Code or Title is not known, then search by keyword or title.